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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 8994

Chapter 8994 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Oyama, N.; Azuma, N.; Higuchi, S., 1995:
Marinesco-Sjogren syndrome with membranous cataract in a pair of siblings

Kodama, S.; Komatsu, M.; Miyoshi, M.; Nakao, H.; Sakurai, T.; U.M.n, 1992:
Marinesco-Sjogren syndrome with reduced cytochrome C oxidase in muscle

Caliskan, M.; Arslan, G.; Aydinli, N.; Serdaroglu, P.; Ozmen, M., 1997:
Marinesco-Sjogren syndrome: Report of two sibling cases

Matsukawa, M.; Akizawa, T.; Morris, J.F.; Butler, V.P.; Yoshioka, M., 1996:
Marinoic acid, a novel bufadienolide-related substance in the skin of the giant toad, Bufo marinus

Schulte-Oehlmann, U.; Bettin, C.; Fioroni, P.; Oehlmann, J.; Stroben, E., 1995:
Marisa cornuarietis (Gastropoda, prosobranchia): a potential TBT bioindicator for freshwater environments

Stravynski, A.; Tremblay, M.; Verreault, R., 1995:
Marital adjustment and depression

Bauserman, S.A.n K.; Arias, I.; Craighead, W.E.ward, 1995:
Marital attributions in spouses of depressed patients

Van-Den-Broucke, S.; Vandereycken, W.; Vertommen, H., 1995:
Marital communication in eating disorder patients: A controlled observational study

Kiecolt-Glaser, J.K.; Glaser, R.; Cacioppo, J.T.; MacCallum, R.C.; Snydersmith, M.; Kim, C.; Malarkey, W.B., 1997:
Marital conflict in older adults: endocrinological and immunological correlates

Reddy, P.C., 1993:
Marital distance in two small populations: A deviation from leptokurtosis

Riggs, D.S.; Hiss, H.; Foa, E.B., 1992:
Marital distress and the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder

Relethford, J.H.; Mielke, J.H., 1994:
Marital exogamy in the Aland Islands, Finland, 1750-1949

Emmelkamp, P.M.G.; Gerlsma, C., 1994:
Marital functioning and the anxiety disorders

Van den Broucke, S.; Vandereycken, W.; Vertommen, H., 1995:
Marital intimacy in patients with an eating disorder: a controlled self-report study

Cappelli, M.; McGarth, P.J.; Daniels, T.; Manion, I.; Schillinger, J., 1994:
Marital quality of parents of children with spina bifida: a case-comparison study

Murphy, M.F.; Goldblatt, P.O.; Mant, D., 1993:
Marital stability and cancer of the uterine cervix: changing patterns in post-war Britain

Mitchell, E.A.; Scragg, L.; Clements, M., 1996:
Marital status and births after losing a baby from sudden infant death

Joung, I.M.; van der Meer, J.B.; Mackenbach, J.P., 1995:
Marital status and health care utilization

Bennett, Trude, 1992:
Marital status and infant health outcomes

Ward, M.M.; Leigh, J.P.ul, 1993:
Marital status and the progression of functional disability in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Herman, J.; Froom, J.; Galambos, N., 1993:
Marital status and timing of coronary artery surgery

Metayer, C.; Coughlin, S., S.; Mccarthy, E., P., 1996:
Marital status as a predictor of survival in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy: The Washington, DC dilated cardiomyopathy study

Arntzen, A.; Moum, T.; Magnus, P.; Bakketeig, L.S., 1996:
Marital status as a risk factor for fetal and infant mortality

Ebrahim, S.; Wannamethee, G.; McCallum, A.; Walker, M.; Shaper, A.G., 1995:
Marital status, change in marital status, and mortality in middle-aged British men

Bromberger, J.T.; Wisner, K.L.; Hanusa, B.H., 1994:
Marital support and remission of treated depression. A prospective pilot study of mothers of infants and toddlers

O'farrell, Timothy, J., 1994:
Marital therapy and spouse-involved treatment with alcoholic patients

Beach, S., R.H.; Whisman, M., A.; O'leary, K.D.niel, 1994:
Marital therapy for depression: Theoretical foundation, current status, and future directions

Saurel Cubizolles, M.J.; Blondel, B.; Lelong, N.; Romito, P., 1997:
Marital violence after childbirth

Cook, Peter, J., 1997:
Maritime fescues (Festuca rubra L. subspecies and F. arenaria Osbeck) in S.E. Yorkshire

Velander, K., A.; Mocogni, M., 1998:
Maritime litter and sewage contamination at Cramond Beach Edinburgh: A comparative study

Saur, E.; Rotival, N.; Lambrot, C.; Trichet, P., 1993:
Maritime pine dieback on the West Coast of France: Growth response to sodium chloride of 3 geographic races in various edaphic conditions

Hill, B.B.; Sloan, D.A.; Lee, E.Y.; McGrath, P.C.; Kenady, D.E., 1996:
Marjolin's ulcer of the foot caused by nonburn trauma

Duarte, S.A.; Acero, P.; Arturo, 1992:
Mark and recapture study for estimating growth rates of reef fish of the genus Acanthurus in the Colombian Caribbean

Flatt, T.; Dummermuth, S.; Anholt, B.R., 1997:
Mark-recapture estimates of survival in populations of the asp viper, Vipera aspis aspis

Sullivan, P., J.; Geernaert, T., O.; St-Pierre, G.; Kaimmer, S., M., 1993:
Mark-recapture methods for Pacific halibut assessment: A feasibility study conducted off the central coast of Oregon

Forschler, B., T.; Townsend, M., L., 1996:
Mark-release-recapture estimates of Reticulitermes spp. (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) colony foraging populations from Georgia, U.S.A

Lutwama, JJ.; Mukwaya, LG., 1994:
Mark-release-recapture studies on three anthropophilic populations of Aedes (Stegomyia) simpsoni complex (Diptera: Culicidae) in Uganda

Gardner, S.N.; Mangel, M., 1996:
Mark-resight population estimation with imperfect observations

Fleet, W.F.; Johnson, T.A.; Cascio, W.E.; Shen, J.; Engle, C.L.; Martin, D.G.; Gettes, L.S., 1994:
Marked activation delay caused by ischemia initiated after regional K+ elevation in in situ pig hearts

Makara, G.B.; Sutton, S.; Otto, S.; Plotsky, P.M., 1995:
Marked changes of arginine vasopressin, oxytocin, and corticotropin-releasing hormone in hypophysial portal plasma after pituitary stalk damage in the rat

Goodall, J.C.; Henwood, J.; Bacon, P.A.; Gaston, J.S., 1995:
Marked conservation of complementarity-determining region 3 of the beta-chain of TCRs recognizing a mycobacterial heat shock protein 60-derived peptide with strong sequence similarity to human heat shock protein 60

Nakagawa, T.; Ueyama, Y.; Nozaki, S.; Yamashita, S.; Menju, M.; Funahashi, T.; Kameda-Takemura, K.; Kubo, M.; Tokunaga, K.; Tanaka, T., 1995:
Marked hypocholesterolemia in a case with adrenal adenoma--enhanced catabolism of low density lipoprotein (LDL) via the LDL receptors of tumor cells

Alperovich, A.; Van-Tosh, A.; Lanes, N.; Berger, M., 1995:
Marked PR interval prolongation simulating ST-segment elevation during exercise testing: A case report

Koitabashi, T.; Takino, Y., 1995:
Marked ST segment elevation in ECG during fiberscope-guided nasotracheal intubation in a patient with tetanus

Kawamata, H.; Kameyama, S.; Kawai, K.; Tanaka, Y.; Nan, L.; Barch, D.; Stetler Stevenson, W.G.; Oyasu, R., 1995:
Marked acceleration of the metastatic phenotype of a rat bladder carcinoma cell line by the expression of human gelatinase A

Cheng, Y.; Gidday, J.M.; Yan, Q.; Shah, A.R.; Holtzman, D.M., 1997:
Marked age-dependent neuroprotection by brain-derived neurotrophic factor against neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury

Vijayagopal, P.; Figueroa, J.E.; Guo, Q.; Fontenot, J.D.; Tao, Z., 1996:
Marked alteration of proteoglycan metabolism in cholesterol-enriched human arterial smooth muscle cells

Horsburgh, K.; Fitzpatrick, M.; Nilsen, M.; Nicoll, J.A.R., 1997:
Marked alterations in the cellular localisation and levels of apolipoprotein E following acute subdural haematoma in rat

Okino, H.; Arima, S.-Ichi; Yamaguchi, H.; Nakao, S.; Tanaka, H., 1992:
Marked alternans of the elevated ST segment during occlusion of the left anterior descending coronary artery in percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty: clinical background and electrocardiographic features

Havel, P.J.; Uriu-Hare, J.Y.; Liu, T.; Stanhope, K.L.; Stern, J.S.; Keen, C.L.; Ahrén, B., 1998:
Marked and rapid decreases of circulating leptin in streptozotocin diabetic rats: reversal by insulin

Chiba, S.; Inamori, K.; Mitani, K.; Hirai, H.; Yazaki, Y., 1994:
Marked and reproducible increase in trilineage blood cell counts by administration of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor in a patient with refractory anaemia with excess blasts in transformation

Bu-Abbas, A.; Clifford, M.N.; Walker, R.; Ioannides, C., 1994:
Marked antimutagenic potential of aqueous green tea extracts: mechanism of action

Taniguchi, H.; Nagamatsu, T.; Kojima, R.; Ito, M.; Suzuki, Y., 1994:
Marked antinephritic action and less adverse effects of methylprednisolone suleptanate by intermittent administration in rats

Koizumi, Yukimichi; Fukuda, Yasuko; Namiki, Mitsuo, 1996:
Marked antioxidative activity of seed oils developed by roasting of oil sesame seeds: (Effect of roasting conditions on antioxidative activity of roasted sesame seed oil Part 1)

Anzai, N.; Kawabata, H.; Hirama, T.; Masutani, H.; Ohmori, M.; Yoshida, Y.; Okuma, M., 1994:
Marked apoptosis of human myelomonocytic leukemia cell line P39: significance of cellular differentiation

Kawai, S.; Okada, R.; Sakurai, H.; Yamaguchi, H.; Fukuda, Y., 1996:
Marked arteriosclerosis of the descending aorta in a teenager with interruption of the aorta

Iwakiri, R.; Inokuchi, K.; Dan, K.; Nomura, T., 1994:
Marked basophilia in acute promyelocytic leukaemia treated with all-trans retinoic acid: Molecular analysis of the cell origin of the basophils

Steiniche, T.; Christiansen, P.; Vesterby, A.; Hasling, C.; Ullerup, R.; Mosekilde, L.; Melsen, F., 1994:
Marked changes in iliac crest bone structure in postmenopausal osteoporotic patients without any signs of disturbed bone remodeling or balance

Corral-Debrinski, M.; Horton, T.; Lott, M.T.; Shoffner, J.M.; McKee, A.C.; Beal, M.F.; Graham, B.H.; Wallace, D.C., 1994:
Marked changes in mitochondrial DNA deletion levels in Alzheimer brains

Bucher, H.; Rampini, S.; James, R.W.; Pometta, D.; Funke, H.; Wiebusch, H.; Assmann, G., 1997:
Marked changes of lipid levels during puberty in a patient with lipoprotein lipase deficiency

Labrie, F.; Bélanger, A.; Cusan, L.; Gomez, J.L.; Candas, B., 1997:
Marked decline in serum concentrations of adrenal C19 sex steroid precursors and conjugated androgen metabolites during aging

Diana, M.; Pistis, M.; Muntoni, A.; Rossetti, Z.L.; Gessa, G., 1992:
Marked decrease of A10 dopamine neuronal firing during ethanol withdrawal syndrome in rats

García-Sevilla, J.A.; Ventayol, P.; Busquets, X.; L.H.rpe, R.; Walzer, C.; Guimón, J., 1997:
Marked decrease of immunolabelled 68 kDa neurofilament (NF-L) proteins in brains of opiate addicts

Romeo, E.; Brancati, A.; D.L.renzo, A.; Fucci, P.; Furnari, C.; Pompili, E.; Sasso, G.F.; Spalletta, G.; Troisi, A.; Pasini, A., 1996:
Marked decrease of plasma neuroactive steroids during alcohol withdrawal

Terradas, F.; Teston Henry, M.; Fitzpatrick, P.A.; Klibanov, A.M., 1993:
Marked dependence of enzyme prochiral selectivity on the solvent

Miyazawa, T.; Imagawa, K.; Yanagihara, R.; Yamada, T., 1997:
Marked dependence on temperature of enantioselectivity in the Aspergillus oryzae protease-catalyzed hydrolysis of amino acid esters

Dautigny, N.; Chabre, H.; Garcia, C.; Ezine, S., 1996:
Marked depletion at the late pro-B cell stage in the bone marrow of lpr mice correlates with the development of lymphadenopathy but not autoimmunity

Dombrowski, L.; Marette, A., 1995:
Marked depletion of GLUT4 glucose transporters in transverse tubules of skeletal muscle from streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Miyachi, Y., 1996:
Marked depression of radiation-induced emesis by olfactory bulbectomy or pre-exposure using low doses

Nakano, R.; Konami, H.; Sato, H.; Ito, O.; Shimizu, T., 1995:
Marked detergents effects on safranine T-mediated photo-induced electron transfer in cytochrome P-450 1A2

Little, R.M., 1994:
Marked dietary differences between sympatric feral rock doves and rock pigeons

Anastasopoulos, F.; Leung, R.; Kladis, A.; James, G.M.; Briscoe, T.A.; Gorski, T.P.; Campbell, D.J., 1998:
Marked difference between angiotensin-converting enzyme and neutral endopeptidase inhibition in vivo by a dual inhibitor of both enzymes

Mezquita, B.; Mezquita, C.; Mezquita, J., 1998:
Marked differences between avian and mammalian testicular cells in the heat shock induction and polyadenylation of Hsp70 and ubiquitin transcripts

Petrides, J.S.; Gold, P.W.; Mueller, G.P.; Singh, A.; Stratakis, C.; Chrousos, G.P.; Deuster, P.A., 1997:
Marked differences in functioning of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis between groups of men

Tsuji, Y.; Kinoshita, Y.; Hato, F.; Lin, B., 1997:
Marked differences in proliferative response to stimulation of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-I between thymoma- and normal thymus-derived epithelial cell lines

Jansen, J.G.; Vrieling, H.; van Teijlingen, C.M.; Mohn, G.R.; Tates, A.D.; van Zeeland, A.A., 1995:
Marked differences in the role of O6-alkylguanine in hprt mutagenesis in T-lymphocytes of rats exposed in vivo to ethylmethanesulfonate, N-(2-hydroxyethyl)-N-nitrosourea, or N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea

Imaizumi-Toshio, T.-Katoh; Kanno, K.; Aoyama, S.; Hayashi, E.; Takagi, Y.; Shibata, S.; Abiru, M.; Takigami, Y.; Fujise, Y., 1995:
Marked dilatation of bilateral common carotid artery: A case report

Pak, P.H.; Maughan, L.; Baughman, K.L.; Kass, D.A., 1996:
Marked discordance between dynamic and passive diastolic pressure-volume relations in idiopathic hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Prehn, J.H., 1996:
Marked diversity in the action of growth factors on N-methyl-D-aspartate-induced neuronal degeneration

Korhola, A.; Blom, T., 1996:
Marked early 20th century pollution and the subsequent recovery of Toolo Bay, central Helsinki, as indicated by subfossil diatom assemblage changes

Kitamura, H.; Iwamoto, C.; Sakairi, N.; Tokura, S.; Nishi, N., 1997:
Marked effect of DNA on collagen fibrillogenesis in vitro

Lundén, A.; Nilsson, M.; Janson, L., 1997:
Marked effect of beta-lactoglobulin polymorphism on the ratio of casein to total protein in milk

Cullis, P.M.; Elsy, D.; Fan, S.; Symons, M.C., 1993:
Marked effect of buffers on yield of single- and double-strand breaks in DNA irradiated at room temperature and at 77 K

Takezawa, Y.; Ohtake, N.; Nakano, K.; Uchida, T.; Okamura, K.; Yamanaka, H., 1994:
Marked effectiveness of the LH-RH analogue in a case of prostate cancer with large lymph node metastasis

Sato, H.; Shimizu, T., 1995:
Marked effects of alcohols and imidazoles on the cumyl hydroperoxide reaction with the wild-type cytochrome P450 1A2

Jørgensen, J.O.; Møller, J.; Alberti, K.G.; Schmitz, O.; Christiansen, J.S.; Orskov, H.; Moller, N., 1993:
Marked effects of sustained low growth hormone (GH) levels on day-to-day fuel metabolism: studies in GH-deficient patients and healthy untreated subjects

Scavizzi, M.R.; Phillippon, A.M.; Jupeau Vessieres, A.M., 1992:
Marked efficacy of fluoroquinolone and moderate activity of ceftriaxone in murine Yersinia enterocolitica infection

Bergoffen, J.; Kaplan, P.; Hale, D.E.; Bennett, M.J.; Berry, G.T., 1993:
Marked elevated of urinary 3-hydroxydecanedioic acid in a malnourished infant with glycogen storage disease, mimicking long-chain L-3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency

Tanaka, T.; Hasegawa, K.; Fujita, M.; Tamaki, S.I.hi; Yamazato, A.; Kihara, Y.; Nohara, R.; Sasayama, S., 1998:
Marked elevation of brain natriuretic peptide levels in pericardial fluid is closely associated with left ventricular dysfunction

Chen, Z.P.ng; Chen, K.Y., 1997:
Marked elevation of hypusine formation activity on eukaryotic initiation factor 5A in v-HA-Ras transformed mouse NIH3T3 cells

Horie, Y.; Miura, K.; Matsui, K.; Yukimasa, A.; Ohi, S.; Hamamoto, T.; Kawasaki, H., 1996:
Marked elevation of plasma carcinoembryonic antigen and stomach carcinoma

Hollak, C.E.; van Weely, S.; van Oers, M.H.; Aerts, J.M., 1994:
Marked elevation of plasma chitotriosidase activity. A novel hallmark of Gaucher disease

Meltzer, H.Y.; Cola, P.A.; Parsa, M., 1996:
Marked elevations of serum creatine kinase activity associated with antipsychotic drug treatment

Wanwimolruk, S.; Kang, W.; Coville, P.F.; Viriyayudhakorn, S.; Thitiarchakul, S., 1995:
Marked enhancement by rifampicin and lack of effect of isoniazid on the elimination of quinine in man

Milano, C.A.; Allen, L.F.; Dolber, P.C.; Johnson, T.D.; Rockman, H.A.; Bond, R.A.; Lefkowitz, R.J., 1995:
Marked enhancement in myocardial function resulting from overexpression of a human beta-adrenergic receptor gene

Yanagita, K.; Sagami, I.; Daff, S.; Shimizu, T., 1998:
Marked enhancement in the reductive dehalogenation of hexachloroethane by a Thr319Ala mutation of cytochrome P450 1A2

Martin, D.S.; Stolfi, R.L.; Colofiore, J.R.; Nord, L.D., 1996:
Marked enhancement in vivo of paclitaxel's (taxol's) tumor-regressing activity by ATP-depleting modulation

Michiwaki, Yukihiro; Michi, Ken-Ichi; Yamaguchi, Akira, 1996:
Marked enlargement of the jaws in secondary hyperparathyroidism: A case report

Savage, D.; Foadi, M.; Haworth, C.; Grant, A., 1994:
Marked eosinophil in an immunosuppressed patient with strongyloidiasis

Silkoff, P.E.; McClean, P.A.; Slutsky, A.S.; Furlott, H.G.; Hoffstein, E.; Wakita, S.; Chapman, K.R.; Szalai, J.P.; Zamel, N., 1997:
Marked flow-dependence of exhaled nitric oxide using a new technique to exclude nasal nitric oxide

Engstrom, B.E.en; Karlsson, F.A.ders; Wide, L., 1998:
Marked gender differences in ambulatory morning growth hormone value in young adults

Richter, J.; Jiang, F.; Görög, J.P.; Sartorius, G.; Egenter, C.; Gasser, T.C.; Moch, H.; Mihatsch, M.J.; Sauter, G., 1997:
Marked genetic differences between stage pTa and stage pT1 papillary bladder cancer detected by comparative genomic hybridization

Reasoner, D.K.; Ryu, K.H.; Hindman, B.J.; Cutkomp, J.; Smith, T., 1996:
Marked hemodilution increases neurologic injury after focal cerebral ischemia in rabbits

Nygaard, B.; Strandgaard, S., 1996:
Marked hepatotoxicity associated with losartan treatment

Kahn, S.R.; Leblanc, R.; Sadikot, A.F.; Fantus, I.G., 1997:
Marked hyperprolactinemia caused by carotid aneurysm

Klasner, A.E.; Scalzo, A.J.; Blume, C.; Johnson, P.; Thompson, M.W., 1996:
Marked hypocalcemia and ventricular fibrillation in two pediatric patients exposed to a fluoride-containing wheel cleaner

Kulak, C.A.; Bandeira, C.; Voss, D.; Sobieszczyk, S.M.; Silverberg, S.J.; Bandeira, F.; Bilezikian, J.P., 1998:
Marked improvement in bone mass after parathyroidectomy in osteitis fibrosa cystica

Hicks, R.J.; Low, R.D.; Arkles, L.B., 1993:
Marked improvement in left ventricular systolic function 3 months after cessation of excess alcohol intake

Meier, D.E.; Fuss, B.R.; O'Rourke, D.; Baskin, S.A.; Lewis, M.; Morrison, R.S., 1996:
Marked improvement in recognition and completion of health care proxies. A randomized controlled trial of counseling by hospital patient representatives

Fujii, S.; Nakabayashi, H.; Miwa, U.; Seta, T.; Matsuda, H.; Ohka, T.; Nakagawa, A.; Takeda, R., 1993:
Marked improvement of diabetic diarrhea with administration of somatostatin analog (Sandostatin) in two IDDM cases

Nakabayashi, H.; Fujii, S.; Miwa, U.; Seta, T.; Takeda, R., 1994:
Marked improvement of diabetic diarrhea with the somatostatin analogue octreotide

Noguchi, T.; Okeda, T.; Nawata, T.; Ito, Y.; Sakata, T.; Furushima, M.; Yano, T.; Imagawa, M.; Nomura, Y., 1995:
Marked improvement of retinopathy by CAPD in an NIDDM patient

Rotta, F.T.; Bradley, W.G., 1997:
Marked improvement of severe polyneuropathy associated with multifocal osteosclerotic myeloma following surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy

Yoshida, K.; Higuchi, H.; Hishikawa, Y., 1998:
Marked improvement of tardive dystonia after replacing haloperidol with risperidone in a schizophrenic patient

Yoshida, K.; Hasebe, T.; Higuchi, H.; Shimizu, T.; Hishikawa, Y., 1996:
Marked improvement of tardive dystonia in a schizophrenic patient after electroconvulsive therapy

Stevens, R., F.; Hann, I., M.; Wheatley, K.; Gray, R., G., 1998:
Marked improvements in outcome with chemotherapy alone in paediatric acute myeloid leukaemia: Results of the United Kingdom Medical Research Council's 10th AML trial

McKerracher, L.; Essagian, C.; Aguayo, A.J., 1993:
Marked increase in beta-tubulin mRNA expression during regeneration of axotomized retinal ganglion cells in adult mammals

Smith, A.H.; Goycolea, M.; Haque, R.; Biggs, M.L., 1998:
Marked increase in bladder and lung cancer mortality in a region of Northern Chile due to arsenic in drinking water

Zhang, X.; Dagerlind, A.; Elde, R.P.; Castel, M.N.; Broberger, C.; Wiesenfeld Hallin, Z.; Hokfelt, T., 1993:
Marked increase in cholecystokinin B receptor messenger RNA levels in rat dorsal root ganglia after peripheral axotomy

Waldum, H.L.; Arnestad, J.S.; Brenna, E.; Eide, I.; Syversen, U.; Sandvik, A.K., 1996:
Marked increase in gastric acid secretory capacity after omeprazole treatment

Otori, Y.; Shimada, S.; Tanaka, K.; Ishimoto, I.; Tano, Y.; Tohyama, M., 1994:
Marked increase in glutamate-aspartate transporter (GLAST/GluT-1) mRNA following transient retinal ischemia

Ryu, J.-Hoon; Yanai, K.; Watanabe, T., 1994:
Marked increase in histamine H-3 receptors in the striatum and substantia nigra after 6-hydroxydopamine-induced denervation of dopaminergic neurons: An autoradiographic study

Verge, V.M.; Xu, Z.; Xu, X.J.; Wiesenfeld-Hallin, Z.; Hökfelt, T., 1992:
Marked increase in nitric oxide synthase mRNA in rat dorsal root ganglia after peripheral axotomy: in situ hybridization and functional studies

Ueyama, M.; Maruyama, I.; Osame, M.; Sawada, Y., 1992:
Marked increase in plasma interleukin-6 in burn patients

Melov, S.; Shoffner, J.M.; Kaufman, A.; Wallace, D.C., 1995:
Marked increase in the number and variety of mitochondrial DNA rearrangements in aging human skeletal muscle

Terskikh, A.; March, J.P.; Pelegrin, A., 1993:
Marked increase in the secretion of a fully antigenic recombinant carcinoembryonic antigen obtained by deletion of its hydrophobic tail

Tsuda, M.; Kurashima, Y.; Kosaka, H.; Ohshima, H.; Sugimura, T.; Esumi, H., 1995:
Marked increase in urinary excretion of nitrate and N-nitrosothioproline in the osteogenic disordered syndrome rats, lacking ascorbic acid biosynthesis, by administration of lipopolysaccharide and thioproline

Kario, K.; Matsuo, T.; Matsuo, M.; Koide, M.; Yamada, T.; Nakamura, S.; Sakata, T.; Kato, H.; Miyata, T., 1995:
Marked increase of activated factor VII in uremic patients

Den Tandt, W.R.; Van Hoof, F., 1996:
Marked increase of methylumbelliferyl-tetra-N-acetylchitotetraoside hydrolase activity in plasma from Gaucher disease patients

Jørgensen, H.S.; Plesner, A.M.; Hübbe, P.; Larsen, K., 1992:
Marked increase of stroke incidence in men between 1972 and 1990 in Frederiksberg, Denmark

Shuja, S.; Murnane, M.J., 1996:
Marked increases in cathepsin B and L activities distinguish papillary carcinoma of the thyroid from normal thyroid or thyroid with non-neoplastic disease

Saito, K.; Seishima, M.; Heyes, M.P.; Song, H.; Fujigaki, S.; Maeda, S.; Vickers, J.H.; Noma, A., 1997:
Marked increases in concentrations of apolipoprotein in the cerebrospinal fluid of poliovirus-infected macaques: relations between apolipoprotein concentrations and severity of brain injury

Rieger, A.; Hass, I.; Striebel, H.W.; Brummer, G.; Eyrich, K., 1996:
Marked increases in heart rate associated with sevoflurane but not with halothane following suxamethonium administration in children

Tsuchiya, T.; Kishimoto, J.; Nakayama, Y., 1996:
Marked increases in neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS) mRNA and NADPH-diaphorase histostaining in adrenal cortex after immobilization stress in rats

Miyagi, E.; Yasumitsu, H.; Hirahara, F.; Nagashima, Y.; Minaguchi, H.; Miyazaki, K.; Umeda, M., 1995:
Marked induction of gelatinases, especially type B, in host fibroblasts by human ovarian cancer cells in athymic mice

Patel, P.H.; Preston, B.D., 1994:
Marked infidelity of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 reverse transcriptase at RNA and DNA template ends

van der Giessen, W.J.; Lincoff, A.M.; Schwartz, R.S.; van Beusekom, H.M.; Serruys, P.W.; Holmes, D.R.; Ellis, S.G.; Topol, E.J., 1996:
Marked inflammatory sequelae to implantation of biodegradable and nonbiodegradable polymers in porcine coronary arteries

Irizar, A.; Ioannides, C., 1998:
Marked inhibition of hepatic cytochrome P450 activity in cholesterol-induced atherosclerosis in rabbits

Rossetti, Z., L.; Hmaidan, Y.; Gessa, G.-Luigi, 1992:
Marked inhibition of mesolimbic dopamine release: a common feature of ethanol, morphine, cocaine and amphetamine abstinence in rats

Balzarini, J.; Cahard, D.; Wedgwood, O.; Salgado, A.; Velázquez, S.; Yarnold, C.J.; De Clercq, E.; McGuigan, C.; Thormar, H., 1998:
Marked inhibitory activity of masked aryloxy aminoacyl phosphoramidate derivatives of dideoxynucleoside analogues against visna virus infection

van Duijnhoven, H.L.; Treskes, M., 1996:
Marked interference of hyperglycemia in measurements of mean (red) cell volume by Technicon H analyzers

Mi, Z.; Burke, T., G., 1994:
Marked interspecies variations concerning the interactions of camptothecin with serum albumins: A frequency-domain fluorescence spectroscopic study

Sugawara, K.; Kobayashi, T.; Nakanishi, K.; Kajio, H.; Ohkubo, M.; Sugimoto, T.; Murase, T.; Itoh, T.; Hara, M.; Kosaka, K., 1993:
Marked islet amyloid polypeptide-positive amyloid deposition: a possible cause of severely insulin-deficient diabetes mellitus with atrophied exocrine pancreas

Kotoulas, G.; Magoulas, A.; Tsimenides, N.; Zouros, E., 1995:
Marked mitochondrial DNA differences between Mediterranean and Atlantic populations of the swordfish, Xiphias gladius

Chikhi, L.; Agnese, J.F.ancois; Bonhomme, F., 1997:
Marked mitochondrial DNA differences between Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic populations of the round sardinella, Sardinella aurita

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