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Chapter 9,011

Mental health of school nurses in Osaka prefectural high school

Motomura, N.; Tsuda, S.

Memoirs of Osaka Kyoiku University Series III Natural Science and Applied Science 46(1): 101-106


Accession: 009010484

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We examined the mental health conditions of school nurses who are working in Osaka Prefectural High School. Out of 254 school nurses we have got 118 answers (47%). They complaint that their profession is not well recognized (58%) and they have difficulties to find out someone to ask their job difficulties (72%). Sixty-seven percent of them have thought at least once that they hoped to quit their work. Thirty-seven percent of the school nurses were mentally unhealthy, although 25% of general office workers were unhealthy and mental unhealthiness is more prominent in younger school nurses. These results indicate that many school nurses in Osaka prefectural high school were mentally unhealthy and we believe that these unhealthiness of school nurses is one of the obstacles for holistic cares or education of high school students. We have to make the supporting or re-educating system for school nurses.

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