Notes on the distribution and morphology of some aspidiaceous ferns in the Miura Peninsula, south-central Japan

Yamamoto, A.; Omori, Y.

Science Report of the Yokosuka City Museum 1991(39): 85-92


Accession: 009108792

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Six ferns belonging to the Aspidiaceae were re-examined from the standpoint of their distribution and morphology in the Miura Peninsula. The results are as follows: 1) Athyrium otophorum, Polystichum tagawanum and P. tripteron form. simplicissimum are very rare in the peninsula, 2) A. yokoscense is widely distributed, 3) Dryopteris caudipinna is abundantly distributed at only one valley in the northern part of the peninsula, 4) Pinna shape of Polystichum lepidocaulon shows continuous varieties from simple to pinnatifid.