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Occurrence of galanin-like immunoreactivity in vestibular and cochlear efferent neurons after labyrinthectomy in the rat

Ohno, K.; Takeda, N.; Kiyama, H.; Kubo, T.; Tohyama, M.

Brain Research 644(1): 135-143


ISSN/ISBN: 0006-8993
PMID: 7518335
DOI: 10.1016/0006-8993(94)90356-5
Accession: 009120862

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The origins of the vestibular and cochlear efferent systems lie in the lower brainstem and innervate the labyrinth. In the present study we investigated the changes in galanin-like immunoreactivity (GAL-IR) in the vestibular and cochlear efferent neurons in control and labyrinthectomized rats. In control animals, no GAL-IR was noticed in these neurons. However, in response to unilateral labyrinthectomy, similar GAL-IR was bilaterally expressed in the two systems. GAL-immunostained cells appeared on postoperative day 3 and reached a peak of intensity and number at postoperative week 2. Retrograde tracing by fluorogold combined with GAL immunohistochemistry demonstrated that, except for the cells of the contralateral lateral superior olivary nucleus (LSO), GAL-IR neurons project into the lesioned labyrinth.

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