Section 10
Chapter 9,125

On a class of almost unbiased ratio estimators

Biradar, R.S.; Singh, H.P.

Biometrical Journal 34(8): 937-944


ISSN/ISBN: 0323-3847
DOI: 10.1007/bf02480936
Accession: 009124517

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A class of almost unbiased ratio estimators for population mean hivin Y is derived by weighting sample hivin y=(1/n) SIGMA y-i, ratio estimators ( hivin y hivin x) ovrhdot X and an estimator, ( hivin x/n) SIGMA (y-i/x-i). It is shown that Nieto de Pascual (1961) estimator is a particular member of the class and an optimum estimator in the class (in the minimum variance sense) is identified. The results are illustrated through two numerical examples.

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