Optimization of process parameters for production of Chhana from low fat cow milk

Jonkman, M.J.; Das, H.

Journal of Food Science and Technology (Mysore) 30(6): 417-421


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-1155
Accession: 009135211

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Heat treatment of milk prior to acidification, coagulation temperature, acidity of milk-acid mixture and residence time of the coagulum before separation, were studied for obtaining an optimum combination of these parameters for maximum recovery of milk solids and yield of chhana from low fat cow milk. The chhana with good texture and the maximum recovery of 48.2% milk solids could be obtained at 70 degree C coagulation temperature, 0.522% acidity (expressed as lactic acid) and 8 min residence time. The yield was 11.5% of the milk and this amounted to about 90% of the maximum yield. The combination of parameters that resulted in maximum yield gave chhana with granular body. which is not suitable for making sweetmeats. The degree of heat treatment required for the maximum recovery of milk solids could result in 99.95% denaturation of whey proteins.