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Parasites of domestic and wild animals in South Africa. XXXIV. Arthropod parasites of nyalas in north-eastern KwaZulu-Natal

Horak, I.G.; Boomker, J.; Flamand, J.R.

Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 62(3): 171-179


ISSN/ISBN: 0030-2465
PMID: 8628570
Accession: 009157344

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Seventy-three nyalas (Tragelaphus angasii) in the Umfolozi, Mkuzi and Ndumu Game Reserves in northeastern KwaZulu-Natal were examined for arthropod parasites during 1983 and 1984. In addition, six animals were examined during 1994. Ten ixodid tick species, two louse species and a louse fly species were recovered. The nyalas were good hosts of all stages of development of Boophilus decoloratus, Rhipicephalus appendiculatus and Rhipicephalus muehlensi and the immature stages of Amblyomma hebraeum and Rhipicephalus maculatus. Adult male animals harboured more adult ticks, biting lice and louse flies than did adult females. B. decoloratus was generally most abundant from October to May. The larvae of R. appendiculatus peaked from April to October, nymphs from July to October and adults, on adult male nyalas, from February to May. Larvae of R. maculatus were most abundant from May to July and nymphs from June to October. The immature stages of A. hebraeum and all stages of R. muehlensi were present throughout the year.

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