Section 10
Chapter 9,251

Production of Chitinases and beta-1,3-Glucanases by Stachybotrys elegans, a Mycoparasite of Rhizoctonia solani

Tweddell, R.J.; Jabaji-Hare, S.H.; Charest, P.M.

Applied and Environmental Microbiology 60(2): 489-495


ISSN/ISBN: 0099-2240
PMID: 16349178
Accession: 009250587

The in vitro production of chitinases and beta-1,3-glucanases by Stachybotrys elegans, a mycoparasite of Rhizoctonia solani, was examined under various culture conditions, such as carbon and nitrogen sources, pH, and incubation period. Production of both enzymes was influenced by the carbon source incorporated into the medium and was stimulated by acidic pH and NaNO-3. The activity of both enzymes was very low in culture filtrates from cells grown on glucose and sucrose compared with that detected on chitin (for chitinases) and cell wall fragments (for beta-1,3-glucanases). Protein electrophoresis revealed that, depending on the carbon source used, different isoforms of chitinases and beta-1,3-glucanases were detected. S. elegans culture filtrates, possessing beta-1,3-glucanase and chitinase activities, were capable of degrading R. solani mycelium.

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