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Properties of endosperm starch of new types of rice grains: Giant-embryo, fragrance, high-amylose, low-amylose and big-grain rice

Fuwa, H.; Asaoka, M.; Shintani, H.; Shigematsu, T.; Oshiba, M.; Inouchi, N.

Journal of Japanese Society of Food Science and Technology 41(6): 413-418


ISSN/ISBN: 0029-0394
DOI: 10.3136/nskkk1962.41.413
Accession: 009259712

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Starch granules were isolated from 13 varieties (30 samples) of rice endosperm cultivated and harvested different years from 1988 to 1991, and characterized by physico-chemical methods. The rice grains were new types including giant-embryo, fragrance, high-amylose, low-amylose and big-grain. The amylose contents of the starches were varied from 10% to 30%. A low-amylose cultivar, Dohoku 53 and a fragrance one, Sariqueen had 7% and 4% difference in amylose content by cultivating in different year, respectively. The rice starches obtained from plants cultivated in Hokkaido and starches from a high-amylose cultivar, Hoshiyutaka showed lower temperatures of gelatinization. The biggest difference in onset temperature of gelatinization by difference of cultivated year was observed in the starches of Sariqueen, which was 5 degree C. The starches from Hoshiyutaka had a higher solubility in 75 degree C water than the other ones. The starches from low amylose cultivars showed a higher swelling power, suggesting that more water could be involved in the starches.

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