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Proposition for an ultrasonocardiographic classification system of the persistence of the arterial channel in the dog using information from 24 case studies

Pouchelon, J.L.; Chetboul, V.; Garnier, E.; Brochier, L.; Gallix, P.

Recueil de Medecine Veterinaire de l'Ecole d'Alfort 172(11-12): 623-642


Accession: 009261060

Between February, 1988 and June, 1992, thirty dogs suspected of being affected by a persistence of the arterial channel (PCA) were examined in the cardiology unit of the Medicine department of the Alfort Veterinary School: Twenty-four dogs were surgically treated and twenty-two of them received a post-operation ultrasonocardiographic follow-up during a period of several weeks to two years. This article summarises clinical, radiographic and ultrasonocardiographic information for the twenty-four dogs which were confirmed, by surgical exploration, to be affected by PCA. By using the pre- and post-operation information a classification system based on ultrasonocardiography is proposed, with five degrees of severity. The importance of the difficulties encountered pre- and post-operation as well as the time needed to obtain complete or partial recovery of the normal size of the cardiac cavities after surgical treatment are used to define the position within the classification system.

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