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Regeneration of Atropa acuminata Royle at Kuza-Gali Forest Enclosure of Galis Forest division

Zaidi, S.H.; Khan, A.A.; Muslim, M.

Pakistan Journal of Forestry 42(3): 138-143


Accession: 009316459

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Atropa acuminata Royle plant is well-known for its active constituents extracted from leaves and roots. It is widely used in a number of pharmaceutical preparations. In order to develop regeneration techniques of the plant for its conservation experiments on regeneration and cultural studies were conducted for 3 consecutive years in its natural habitat. Standardized techniques of raising seedlings from seeds or by root-stock were developed. The plant was successfully regenerated in its natural habitat. Suitable spacing for planting and appropriate doses of NPK fertilizer required for better growth and yield was determined. The plant is perennial at higher hills and good yield of leaves was recorded during second and third year's growth of the plant. Roots of A. acuminata attained exploitable size after three years growth.

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