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Relationship between histamine content and bacterial flora of Kusaya gravy

Sato, T.; Mizoi, M.; Kimura, B.; Fujii, T.

Journal of the Food Hygienic Society of Japan 36(4): 490-494


DOI: 10.3358/shokueishi.36.490
Accession: 009328831

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The numbers of both histamine-decomposing and histamine-producing bacteria and the histamine contents of Kusaya gravy were studied in 5 samples obtained from manufacturers in Niijima, Oshima and Chichijima Islands. The histamine-metabolic bacteria were classified at the genus level in all samples. Kusaya gravy had only few histamine-producing bacteria and 10-4 apprx 10-6 cells/ml of histamine-decomposing bacteria. The pH values of Kusaya gravy were in the optimal range for bacterial histamine decomposition. From these results, it is assumed that histamine hardly accumulates in Kusaya gravy. Large numbers of bacteria of genus Alcaligenes were detected as histamine-decomposing bacteria in all samples. However, most of the histamine-decomposing activity was found in the minority flora of Kusaya gravy.

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