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Relationship between oxygen uptake and mixed venous oxygen saturation in the immediate postoperative period

Viale, J.P.; Annat, G.; Lehot, J.J.; Quard, S.; Quintin, L.; Parlow, J.; Durand, P.G.; Zabot, J.M.; Villard, J.; Estanove, S.

Anesthesiology 80(2): 278-283


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-3022
PMID: 8311310
DOI: 10.1097/00000542-199402000-00007
Accession: 009329371

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Background: During muscular exercise, a negative correlation has been demonstrated between the value of mixed venous oxygen saturation (S hivin V-O-2) and the level of muscular work, expressed at each level as the ratio of oxygen uptake ( ovrhdot V-O-2) to each subject's maximal oxygen uptake ( ovrhdot V-O-2max). Because the immediate postoperative period is associated with an increase in whole body oxygen demand, and in this regard resembles the effects of muscular exercise, a similar correlation may exist during this period. Methods: ovrhdot V-O-2max was determined in 11 patients 3-5 days before coronary artery bypass surgery.

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