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Routine examination of colorectal cancer: A comparative study on barium enema examination, total colonoscopy, and sigmoidoscopy combined with barium enema examination

Fuchigami, T.

Stomach and Intestine 28(8): 815-822


ISSN/ISBN: 0536-2180
Accession: 009373284

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The detecting ability of colorectal cancers excluding mucosal cancer by barium enema examination (BE), total colonoscopy (TCF) and sigmoidoscopy combined with barium enema examination (SCF + BE) was evaluated upon 526 pathologically-proved lesions of 508 resected specimens detected by routine examination of the colon in Gastrointestinal Center of Matsuyama Red Cross Hospital. The results were as follows: (1) BE found 188 out of 193 lesions (97.4%), TCF 60 out of 62 lesions (96.7%), and SCF + BE 270 out of 271 lesions (99.6%). (2) Overlooked lesions by each routine examination were all advanced cancer of the colon and rectum. (3) The causes of misdiagnosis by BE were a failure of perception for 3 lesions and technical error for 2 lesions. (4) The cause of misdiagnosis by TCF was an unsuccessful examination in both 2 lesions. (5) In SCF + BE, 20 lesions being missed by SCF were found by BE. In conclusion, the detecting ability of colorectal cancer, by BE, that by TCF, and that by SCF + BE were equal. The first choice of routine examination for detecting colorectal cancer was a favorite method which may be different in each institute and each individual.

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