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Chapter 9,424

Six new species of Hysterocinetidae belonging to two new genera Metaptychostomum and Proptychostomum, endocommensal Ciliates of an Oligochaete worm in Cameroons

Ngassam, P.; Grain, J.

Annales des Sciences Naturelles Zoologie et Biologie Animale 18(2): 41-49


Accession: 009423353

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The morphological study of six species of Ciliates Hysterocinetidae, endocommensal of Oligochaetes of the Cameroons proves the existence of two new cytoskeletal patterns in the sucker. The first, which shows few fibers arranged in three layers, is characteristic of the new genus Metaptychostomum. The second, with numerous fibers arranged radiately around a free central area, corresponds to the new genus Proptychostomum.

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