Section 10
Chapter 9,426

Slowing of relaxation of (Ca-2+) -i during prolonged tetanic stimulation of single fibres from Xenopus skeletal muscle

Westerblad, H.; Allen, D., G.

Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) 492(3): 723-736


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-3751
Accession: 009425934

Parvalbumin (PA) has been proposed to take up Ca-2+ and enhance skeletal muscle relaxation in brief contractions; as the duration of the contraction is increased, PA will become saturated with Ca-2+ and no longer contribute to relaxation which therefore will be slowed. The rate of Ca-2+ loading of PA is determined by the Mg-2+ off rate (about 4 s-1 at 22 degree C).

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