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Structural elucidation of the capsular polysaccharide produced by Escherichia coli O20 : K84 : H26

Whittaker, D.V.; Parolis, L.A.; Parolis, H.

Carbohydrate Research 262(2): 323-334


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-6215
PMID: 7982223
DOI: 10.1016/0008-6215(94)84188-8
Accession: 009465668

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The primary structure of the acidic capsular antigen produced by E. coli K84 was shown by glycose and methylation analysis, and by 1D and 2D 1H and 13C NMR studies of the polysaccharide and an oligosaccharide produced by lithium-ethylenediamine degradation of the polysaccharide, to be comprised of linear hexasaccharide repeating units of the following structure: fwdarw 4)alpha-D-GalpA-(1 fwdarw 3)-alpha-D-Manp-(1 fwdarw 4)-beta-D-Glcp-(1 fwdarw ' 3)-alpha-D-GlcpNAc-(1 fwdarw 2)-beta-D-Manp-(1 fwdarw 3)-beta-D-ManpNAc-(1 fwdarw .

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