Studies on D-glucose isomerase of thermophilic Streptomyces mutant strain M1033-9: I. Isolation, mutagenesis and the conditions for enzyme production

He, J.; Fu, G.; Hou, Y.; Yuan, J.; Liu, J.; Yan, M.; Wang, Q.; Zhang, M.

Acta Microbiologica Sinica 32(5): 380-382


Accession: 009472886

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In screening high producer of glucose-isomerase (GI), thermophilic Streptomyces strain 5438 (activity of GI, 50 u/ml broth) was chosen as an original strain, which was isolated from 1637 soil samples in Hainan Island of China. After repeated treatment with UV, MNNG and natural selection, the mutant strain M1033-9 was selected. Its activity of GI reached 939 u/ml broth which as finally composed contains: wheat bran 5% (w/v), soybean cake powder 1.2%, MgSO-4 cntdot 7H-2O 0.1%, K-2HPO-4 cntdot 3H-2O 0.1%, CoCl-2 cntdot 3H-2O 0.024%, initial pH 6.7 (producing condition of GI, pH 6.7-7.5), on 5000 L fermentor at 40 +- 1 degree C (producing condition of GI, 37-46 degree C) and aerating rate 1:0.2-0.3 (producing condition of GI, 1:0.1-0.8) for 60 hours.