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Studies on some trace elements in vegetable spices and their blends. Part III. Cadmium, lead, chromium, zinc, manganese, copper, nickel and iron content in Polish-made seasoning preparations

Bulinski, R.; Bloniarz, J.

Bromatologia i Chemia Toksykologiczna 29(3): 229-236


Accession: 009475213

Cadmium, lead, chromium, zinc, maganese, copper, nickel and iron content of Polish-made seasoning preparations was determined by atomic absorption spectroscopy. In spite of a wide variety of the products and materials tested in the experiments, the concentration of the studied elements were generally within the admissible limits. The following average concentrations were found: cadmium from 0,013 ppm to 0,292 ppm, lead 0,083 ppm to 2,120 ppm, chromium 0,332 ppm to 2,620 ppm, zinc 7,26 ppm to 37,00 ppm, manganese 5,10 ppm to 122,00 ppm, copper 0,93 ppm to 8,50 ppm, nickel 0,104 ppm to 2,805 ppm, and iron from 31,00 ppm to 1072 ppm. Cadmium and lead content of some seasoning preparations were higher than the maximum admissible values specified by relevant Polish regulations. The content of the remaining trace elements covered by relevant standards remained within the specified admissible limits.

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