Studies on stabilization of fruit set of melons grown in plastic greenhouse: 1. Pollen germination of melon flowers under the plastic greenhouse culture

Hagiuda, K.

Journal of the Yamagata Agriculture and Forestry Society 1994(51): 29-33


Accession: 009475246

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The characteristics of pollen germination of melons grown in plastic greenhouses were investigated. Effects of various temperatures (20 degree C, 25 degree C, 30 degree C, 35 degree C, and 40 degree C) on the pollen germination rate and pollen tube elongation in five cultivars were studied. The higher germination was seen at 30 degree C and 35 degree C. Night temperature (5 degree C, 10 degree C, and 15 degree C) of the day before flowering of the male flower affected the pollen germination rate and the pollen tube elongation the next morning. They were worse at 5 degree C than at 10 degree C and 15 degree C. However, the germination rates increased as the start of germination tests were delayed. The pollen germination rate was higher and the growth of pollen tube was more vigorus from 8:00 to 16:00 with the flower which opened on that day.