Studies on the color, pH and bacterial count of Hanwoo (Korean cattle) beef and imported beef

Kang, J.O.; Lee, J.H.; Kim, C.J.

Korean Journal of Animal Science 39(3): 275-280


Accession: 009475898

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This study was carried out to investigate meat color, pH and bacterial count of Hanwoo beef and imported beef. The meat color of beef was measured in L* a* b* using a color difference meter. L* value of imported beef was generally higher than Hanwoo beef However. a* value was higher in Hanwoo beef than in the other. pH of the rib eyes was higher in imported beef The bacterial count gradually increased during cold storage(0 degree C), but it decreased during frozen storage( - 18 degree C). The initial count of bacteria was not much different in Hanwoo beef compared to imported beef, when measured just after slaughtering and shipment of frozen storage. However, the bacterial count was higher in imported beef than in Hanwoo beef during cold and frozen storage. On the other hand, the bacterial count in consumer stage was higher in Hanwoo beef.