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Chapter 9,478

Studies on theory and models of systemic conservation of animal and poultry genetic resources. I. Theory analysis of systemic conservation of animal and poultry genetic resources

Du, L.; Zhang, Y.; Wu, C.

Yi Chuan Xue Bao 22(2): 91-96


ISSN/ISBN: 0379-4172
PMID: 8852023
Accession: 009477945

The concept and fundamentals of Systemic Conservation of Animal and Poultry Genetics Resources (SCAPGR) and mathematical models of genetic structure with conservation population were proposed. The SCAPGR regarded all genes of a given species in definite time and space as conservation object and live animal preservation combining with modern biotechnology as basic method. The SCAPGR might systematically conserve genes controlling the characters of a given species as well as regional varieties. In a no overlapping generation population with selection, mutation, migration and random drift under consideration, two mathematical models presented in this paper might describe change of frequencies of multiple alleles at a locus and population mean of metrical characters resp.

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