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Study on the degradation of active bright red X-3B by immobilized purple non- sulfur photosynthetic bacteria

Niu, Z.; Wu; Guoqing

Huanjing Kexue 15(5): 49-52


Accession: 009481568

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The spent dye bath of active Bright Red X-3B was treated by using aggregation and cross linkage immobilized purple non-sulfur photosynthetic bacteria (PSBs). The PSBs and their immobilized cells were compared for some of their performances. It was found that both of the cells had an optimum reaction temperature in the range of 30-40 degree C, and the immobilized cells had an optimum reaction pH in the broader range of 7.5-9.4, with a better thermal stability, Cu-2+ had an inhibitory effect on the enzyme activities of both cells. As compared with the immobilized cells entrapped in sodium alginate, the aggregation and cross linkage immobilized cells had a stronger power of decolorization, a higher activity of enzyme, a longer half lifetime and a more cost-effectiveness, and was simple to operate and easy to be applied on a full-scale.

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