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Sudden natural death in childhood. A review of forensic autopsy protocols in cases of sudden death between the ages of one and five years, 1982-1991, with a special view to sudden unexplained death

Helweg-Larsen, K.; Garde, E.

Acta Paediatrica 82(11): 975-978


ISSN/ISBN: 0803-5253
PMID: 8111181
Accession: 009488059

All cases of sudden death of individuals between the ages of one and five years examined at the Forensic Institute, Copenhagen, in a 10-year period were identified to assess the impact of sudden unexplained death in this age group. Of a total of 68 cases, 27 cases were due to accidents, there were 13 cases of homicide, 27 cases were sudden natural deaths and in 1 case the manner of death was uncertain. The autopsy records and histological sections in the 27 cases of natural death were reviewed; the cause of death was not explained in 11 of these cases (40%). Seven cases were previously considered to be caused by infectious disease or aspiration. Criteria for classification are discussed.

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