Section 10
Chapter 9,513

Systematics of angiosperms: Historical review and present state

Spichiger, R.; Savolainen, V.; Figeat, M.

Saussurea 1997(28): 1-46


Accession: 009512275

The aim of this paper is to review the history of systematic botany and to give a general picture of Angiospermae classification based on our formal botanical course at the University of Geneva updated with the results of molecular systematics. The following lineages are proposed: Magnoliidae (Nymphaealian, Piperalian, Illicialian and Magnolialian lineages); Liliidae (=Monocotyledonae) (Aratian, Alismatalian, Lilialian and Commelinalian lineages); the ranunculalian grade (Ranunculalian, Nelumbonalian, Protealian, Trochodendralian and Buxalian lineages); Caryophyllidae (Caryophyllalian and Polygonalian lineages); Rosidae (Saxifragalian, Dillenialian, Rosalian, Santalalian, Linalian, Capparalian, Malvalian, Sapindalian, Geranialian, Celastralian and Myrtalian lineages); Asteridae (Ericalian, Gentianalian and Asteralian lineages).

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