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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 9530

Chapter 9530 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Osten, P.; Srivastava, S.; Inman, G.J.; Vilim, F.S.; Khatri, L.; Lee, L.M.; States, B.A.; Einheber, S.; Milner, T.A.; Hanson, P.I.; Ziff, E.B., 1998:
The AMPA receptor GluR2 C terminus can mediate a reversible, ATP-dependent interaction with NSF and alpha- and beta-SNAPs

Ohno, K.; Okada, M.; Tsutsumi, R.; Sakamoto, S.; Yamaguchi, T., 1998:
The AMPA-receptor antagonist YM90K reduces AMPA receptor-mediated excitotoxicity in rat hippocampal cultures

Quesada, E.T.; Light, J.K., 1993:
The AMS 700 inflatable penile prosthesis: long-term experience with the controlled expansion cylinders

Michaely, P.; Bennett, V., 1995:
The ANK repeats of erythrocyte ankyrin form two distinct but cooperative binding sites for the erythrocyte anion exchanger

Voelker, K.; Rosskopf, P.; Feuerbach, U.; Krestin, M.; Prinz, U.; Hollmann, W., 1992:
The ANP blood level in different kind of physical activities: Comparison between men and women

Haas, N.P.; Schuetz, M.; Frigg, R.; Suedkamp, N.P.; Hoffmann, R., 1994:
The AO pinless external fixator

Dittie, A.S.; Hajibagheri, N.; Tooze, S.A., 1996:
The AP-1 adaptor complex binds to immature secretory granules from PC12 cells, and is regulated by ADP-ribosylation factor

Riechmann, J.L.; Meyerowitz, E.M., 1998:
The AP2/EREBP family of plant transcription factors

Lefering, R.; Dicke, S.; Boettcher, B.; Neugebauer, E., 1997:
The APACHE II score in trauma patients: A systematic underestimation of risk of death

Woodage, T.; King, S.M.; Wacholder, S.; Hartge, P.; Struewing, J.P.; Mcadams, M.; Laken, S.J.; Tucker, M.A.; Brody, L.C., 1998:
The APC I1307K allele and cancer risk in a community-based study of Ashkenazi Jews

Lothe, R.A.; Hektoen, M.; Johnsen, H.; Meling, G.I.; Andersen, T.I.; Rognum, T.O.; Lindblom, A.; Børresen-Dale, A.L., 1998:
The APC gene I1307K variant is rare in Norwegian patients with familial and sporadic colorectal or breast cancer

Bonneton, C.; Larue, L.; Thiéry, J.P., 1996:
The APC gene product and colorectal carcinogenesis

Munemitsu, S.; Souza, B.; Müller, O.; Albert, I.; Rubinfeld, B.; Polakis, P., 1994:
The APC gene product associates with microtubules in vivo and promotes their assembly in vitro

Smith, K.J.; Johnson, K.A.; Bryan, T.M.; Hill, D.E.; Markowitz, S.; Willson, J.K.; Paraskeva, C.; Petersen, G.M.; Hamilton, S.R.; Vogelstein, B., 1993:
The APC gene product in normal and tumor cells

Rubinfeld, B.; Souza, B.; Albert, I.; Munemitsu, S.; Polakis, P., 1995:
The APC protein and E-cadherin form similar but independent complexes with alpha-catenin, beta-catenin, and plakoglobin

Shevtsov, S.P., 1996:
The APOB gene encoding putative low density lipoprotein receptor binding domain of the ApoB-100 protein shows no DNA polymorphisms

Van der Velde, E.A.; Poller, L., 1995:
The APTT monitoring of heparin--the ISTH/ICSH collaborative study

Hakala, M.; Pöllänen, R.; Nieminen, P., 1993:
The ARA 1987 revised criteria select patients with clinical rheumatoid arthritis from a population based cohort of subjects with chronic rheumatic diseases registered for drug reimbursement

Pitcher, K.; Hilton, B.; Lundberg, H., 1998:
The ARBRE project: Progress achieved

Ozerskaya, S.M.; Kochkina, G.A.; Ivanushkina, N.E., 1995:
The ARCM database on strains of mycelial fungi

Crabeel, M.; Soetens, O.; D.R.jcke, M.; Pratiwi, R.; Pankiewicz, R., 1996:
The ARG11 gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae encodes a mitochondrial integral membrane protein required for arginine biosynthesis

Stephanou, A.; Shah, M.; Richardson, B.; Handwerger, S., 1996:
The ARP-1 orphan receptor represses steroid-mediated stimulation of human placental lactogen gene expression

Hunyady, L.; Nagy, L., 1997:
The AT-1 angiotensin receptor inhibition as a new therapeutic opportunity

Zhang, J.; Pratt, R.E., 1996:
The AT2 receptor selectively associates with Gialpha2 and Gialpha3 in the rat fetus

Yang, Q.; Hanesworth, J., M.; Harding, J., W.; Slinker, B., K., 1997:
The AT-4 receptor agonist (Nle-1)-angiotensin IV reduces mechanically induced immediate-early gene expression in the isolated rabbit heart

Tomaszewski, R.; Jerzmanowski, A., 1997:
The AT-rich flanks of the oocyte-type 5S RNA gene of Xenopus laevis act as a strong local signal for histone H1-mediated chromatin reorganization in vitro

Mazzocchi, G.; Gottardo, G.; Macchi, V.; Malendowicz, L.K.; Nussdorfer, G.G., 1998:
The AT2 receptor-mediated stimulation of adrenal catecholamine release may potentiate the AT1 receptor-mediated aldosterone secretogogue action of angiotensin-II in rats

Yoshizumi, M.; Hsieh, C.M.; Zhou, F.; Tsai, J.C.; Patterson, C.; Perrella, M.A.; Lee, M.E., 1995:
The ATF site mediates downregulation of the cyclin A gene during contact inhibition in vascular endothelial cells

Vorechovský, I.; Rasio, D.; Luo, L.; Monaco, C.; Hammarström, L.; Webster, A.D.; Zaloudik, J.; Barbanti-Brodani, G.; James, M.; Russo, G., 1996:
The ATM gene and susceptibility to breast cancer: analysis of 38 breast tumors reveals no evidence for mutation

Higgins, E.J.; Miller, T.J.; Gilham, P.T., 1995:
The ATP analogue containing a methylene group in place of the 5' oxygen serves as a substrate for bacteriophage T3 RNA polymerase

Luciani, M.F.; Chimini, G., 1996:
The ATP binding cassette transporter ABC1, is required for the engulfment of corpses generated by apoptotic cell death

Mahé, Y.; Lemoine, Y.; Kuchler, K., 1996:
The ATP binding cassette transporters Pdr5 and Snq2 of Saccharomyces cerevisiae can mediate transport of steroids in vivo

Hensel, M.; Lill, H.; Schmid, R.; Deckers-Hebestreit, G.; Altendorf, K., 1995:
The ATP synthase (F-1F-o) of Streptomyces lividans: Sequencing the atp operon and phylogenetic considerations with subunit beta

Borghese, R.; Crimi, M.; Fava, L.; Melandri, B.A., 1998:
The ATP synthase atpHAGDC (F1) operon from Rhodobacter capsulatus

Krenn, B.E.; Strotmann, H.; Van Walraven, H.S.; Scholts, M.J.; Kraayenhof, R., 1997:
The ATP synthase gamma subunit provides the primary site of activation of the chloroplast enzyme: experiments with a chloroplast-like Synechocystis 6803 mutant

Nakamoto, R.K.; al-Shawi, M.K.; Futai, M., 1995:
The ATP synthase gamma subunit. Suppressor mutagenesis reveals three helical regions involved in energy coupling

Chi, T.B.; Choi, S.Y.; Williams, N., 1996:
The ATP synthase of Trypanosoma brucei is developmentally regulated by an inhibitor peptide

Kruszka, K.K.; Gross, R.W., 1994:
The ATP- and CoA-independent synthesis of arachidonoylethanolamide. A novel mechanism underlying the synthesis of the endogenous ligand of the cannabinoid receptor

Wiley, J., S.; Chen, R.; Jamieson, G., P., 1993:
The ATP-4 receptor-operated channel (P-2Z class) of human lymphocytes allows barium and ethidium uptake: Inhibition of fluxes by suramin

Yao, Z.; Gross, G.J., 1994:
The ATP-dependent potassium channel: an endogenous cardioprotective mechanism

Dong, F.; von Hippel, P.H., 1996:
The ATP-activated hexameric helicase of bacteriophage T4 (gp41) forms a stable primosome with a single subunit of T4-coded primase (gp61)

Raj, K.; Stanley, M.A., 1995:
The ATP-binding and ATPase activities of human papillomavirus type 16 E1 are significantly weakened by the absence of prolines in its ATP-binding domain

Morbach, S.; Tebbe, S.; Schneider, E., 1993:
The ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter for maltose/maltodextrins of Salmonella typhimurium: Characterization of the ATPase activity association with the purified MalK subunit

Baichwal, V.; Liu, D.; Ames, G.F., 1993:
The ATP-binding component of a prokaryotic traffic ATPase is exposed to the periplasmic (external) surface

Vertommen, D.; Bertrand, L.; Sontag, B.; D.P.etro, A.; Louckx, M.P.; Vidal, H.; Hue, L.; Rider, M.H., 1996:
The ATP-binding site in the 2-kinase domain of liver 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase/fructose-2,6-bisphosphatase. Study of the role of Lys-54 and Thr-55 by site-directed mutagenesis

Rohrwild, M.; Pfeifer, G.; Santarius, U.; Mueller, S.A.; Huang, H.C.; Engel, A.; Baumeister, W.; Goldberg, A.L., 1997:
The ATP-dependent HsIVU protease from Escherichia coli is a four-ring structure resembling the proteasome

van Dyck, L.; Neupert, W.; Langer, T., 1998:
The ATP-dependent PIM1 protease is required for the expression of intron-containing genes in mitochondria

Mironova, G.D.; Skarga, Y.Y.; Grigor'ev, S.M.; Yarov Yarovoi, V.M.; Aleksandrov, A.V.; Kolomytkin, O.V., 1996:
The ATP-dependent potassium channel from rat liver mitochondria. I. Isolation, purification, and reconstitution in a bilayer lipid membrane

Voelker, D.R., 1993:
The ATP-dependent translocation of phosphatidylserine to the mitochondria is a process that is restricted to the autologous organelle

Fagan, J.M.; Waxman, L., 1992:
The ATP-independent pathway in red blood cells that degrades oxidant-damaged hemoglobin

Nakamura, S.; Suzuki, H.; Kanazawa, T., 1994:
The ATP-induced change of tryptophan fluorescence reflects a conformational change upon formation of ADP-sensitive phosphoenzyme in the sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca(2+)-ATPase. Stopped-flow spectrofluorometry and continuous flow-rapid quenching method

Grover, G.J.; Dzwonczyk, S.; Sleph, P.G.; Sargent, C.A., 1993:
The ATP-sensitive potassium channel blocker glibenclamide (glyburide) does not abolish preconditioning in isolated ischemic rat hearts

Zhang, S.; Sumikawa, K.; Makita, T.; Shibata, O.; Ureshino, H.; Todoroki, S., 1997:
The ATP-sensitive potassium channel opener alters MAC for halothane but not for isoflurane in dogs

Tarkka, T.; Raatikainen, E.; Friman, S.; Oikarinen, J., 1995:
The ATP/ADP binding domains of actin are conserved in nucleosome complexed with histone H1 and high mobility group-17 protein

Schirmer, E.C.; Queitsch, C.; Kowal, A.S.; Parsell, D.A.; Lindquist, S., 1998:
The ATPase activity of Hsp104, effects of environmental conditions and mutations

Stöffler, H.E.; Bähler, M., 1998:
The ATPase activity of Myr3, a rat myosin I, is allosterically inhibited by its own tail domain and by Ca2+ binding to its light chain calmodulin

Morgan, A.; Dimaline, R.; Burgoyne, R.D., 1994:
The ATPase activity of N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive fusion protein (NSF) is regulated by soluble NSF attachment proteins

Mamelle, N.; Munoz, F.; Lehingue, Y.; Pasquier, J.C.; Beranger, C.; (France), R.S.ntinelle, 1998:
The AUDIPOG Sentinel Network for maternity hospitals. II. Changes in medical practice and outcome 1994-1997

Mamelle, N.; Lehingue, Y.; Munoz, F.; Miginiac, M.; Beranger, C.; Tounissoux, D., 1996:
The AUDIPOG sentinel network to maternity hospital: I. Perinatal health indicators in 1994

Bush, K.; Kivlahan, D., R.; Mcdonell, M., B.; Fihn, S., D.; Bradley, K., A., 1998:
The AUDIT alcohol consumption questions (AUDIT-C)

Heidler, S.A.; Radding, J.A., 1995:
The AUR1 gene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae encodes dominant resistance to the antifungal agent aureobasidin A (LY295337)

Guzzetti, F.; Cardinali, M.; Reichenbach, P., 1994:
The AVI Project: A bibliographical and archive inventory of landslides and floods in Italy

Bellodi, G.; Muratori, L.; Manicardi, V.; Bernini, G.; Veneri, L.; Bossini, P.; Magnanini, G.; Rossi, G.; Descovich, G.C., 1992:
The AVIS project: Epidemiological study of cardiovascular risk factors in a population of blood donors

Biniek, R.; Huber, W.; Glindemann, R.; Willmes, K.; Klumm, H., 1992:
The Aachen Aphasia Bedside Test: Application in acute stroke

Franc, C.; Graye, F.; Breton, P.; Freidel, M., 1996:
The Abbe-flap: Principles and its use in upper lip restorations

Friedman, Z.; Kugel, C.; Hiss, J.; Marganit, B.; Stein, M.; Shapira, S.C., 1996:
The Abbreviated Injury Scale. A valuable tool for forensic documentation of trauma

Cox, R.M.; Alexander, G.C., 1995:
The abbreviated profile of hearing aid benefit

Shen, W.F.; Rozenfeld, S.; Lawrence, H.J.; Largman, C., 1997:
The Abd-B-like Hox homeodomain proteins can be subdivided by the ability to form complexes with Pbx1a on a novel DNA target

Schwarzer, A.C.; Wang, S.C.; O'Driscoll, D.; Harrington, T.; Bogduk, N.; Laurent, R., 1995:
The ability of computed tomography to identify a painful zygapophysial joint in patients with chronic low back pain

Dechanet, J.; Merville, P.; Durand, I.; Banchereau, J.; Miossec, P., 1995:
The ability of synoviocytes to support terminal differentiation of activated B cells may explain plasma cell accumulation in rheumatoid synovium

Rosselló-Mora, R.A.; Wagner, M.; Amann, R.; Schleifer, K.H., 1995:
The abundance of Zoogloea ramigera in sewage treatment plants

Greening, S.E.; Grohs, D.H.; Guidos, B.J., 1997:
The AcCell series 2000 as a support system for training and evaluation in educational and clinical settings

Quezel, P.; Barbero, M.; Benabid, A.; Rivas-Martinez, S., 1995:
The Acacia woodland structures on the southern slope of the Anti-Atlas and the lower valley of Draa river (Morocco)

Daniel, Thomas, F., 1997:
The Acanthaceae of California and the Peninsula of Baja California

Izumi, Y., 1995:
The accuracy of Risser staging

Jutrzenka Trzebiatowski, Antoni, 1995:
The Aceri-Tilietum Faber 1936 maple-linden slope forests in North-Eastern Poland

Schoenecker, P.L.; Anderson, D.J.; Capelli, A.M., 1995:
The acetabular response to proximal femoral varus rotational osteotomy. Results after failure of post-reduction abduction splinting in patients who had congenital dislocation of the hip

Skeath, J.B.; Carroll, S.B., 1994:
The achaete-scute complex: generation of cellular pattern and fate within the Drosophila nervous system

Saukel, J.; Laenger, R., 1992:
The Achillea millefolium - group (Asteraceae) in central Europe: 2. Comparison of populations, multivariate classification and biosystematic comments

Saukel, J.; Laenger, R., 1992:
The Achillea millefolium-group (Asteraceae) in central Europe

Chrispijn, R.; Douwes, R., 1993:
The Achterhoek inland foray 1992

Schirmer, F.; Hillen, W., 1998:
The Acinetobacter calcoaceticus NCIB8250 mop operon mRNA is differentially degraded, resulting in a higher level of the 3' CatA-encoding segment than of the 5' phenolhydroxylase-encoding portion

Alvaro, J.Javier, 1995:
The Acon Group, a new lithostratigraphic unit for the Middle-Upper Cambrian of the Iberian Chains (NE Spain)

Pierre, Jacques, 1995:
The Acraea of braesia group: Revision, new species and phylogeny (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae)

Gaedike, Reinhard, 1996:
The Acrolepiidae and Epermeniidae of the expeditions of the Zoologische Staatssammlung Muenchen to Nepal and a new Epermenia species from China (Insecta, Lepidoptera)

Pistor, S.; Chakraborty, T.; Niebuhr, K.; Domann, E.; Wehland, J., 1994:
The ActA protein of Listeria monocytogenes acts as a nucleator inducing reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton

Amedro, F.; Robaszynski, F., 1993:
The Actinocamax plenus zone in the Boreal realm: Comparative elements of the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary between the Boreal and Tethyan realms

Baylink, D.J.; Libanati, C.R., 1994:
The Actions and Therapeutic Applications of 1-alpha-Hydroxylated Derivatives of Vitamin D

Mori, K.; Dwek, R.A.; Downing, A.K.; Opdenakker, G.; Rudd, P.M., 1995:
The activation of type 1 and type 2 plasminogen by type I and type II tissue plasminogen activator

Horrevoets, A.J.; Smilde, A.E.; Fredenburgh, J.C.; Pannekoek, H.; Nesheim, M.E., 1995:
The activation-resistant conformation of recombinant human plasminogen is stabilized by basic residues in the amino-terminal hinge region

Chambers, R.S.; Wang, B.Q.; Burton, Z.F.; Dahmus, M.E., 1995:
The activity of COOH-terminal domain phosphatase is regulated by a docking site on RNA polymerase II and by the general transcription factors IIF and IIB

Angiolella, L.; Facchin, M.; Simonetti, N.; Cassone, A., 1995:
The activity of cilofungin on the incorporation of glucan associated proteins into hyphal cells of Candida albicans

Wojcieska, U.; Wolska, E.; Podlesna, A.; Kocon, A., 1994:
The Activity of Nitrate Reductase in Organs of Pea Plants

Akisaka, M.; Ashitomi, I.; Nozaki, H.; Suzuki, M., 1995:
The Actual Condition and Cause of Sudden Unexpected Death in the Youth: A Report from Okinawa, Japan

Mello, N.K.; Sarnyai, Z.; Mendelson, J.H.; Drieze, J.M.; Kelly, M., 1995:
The acute effects of cocaine on anterior pituitary hormones in ovariectomized rhesus monkeys

Brown, P.E.; Mcclave, S.E.; Hoy, N.W.; Short, A.F.; Sexton, L.K.; Meyer, K.L., 1993:
The Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II classification system is a valid marker for physiologic stress in critically ill patient

Saget, B.M.; Walker, G.C., 1994:
The Ada protein acts as both a positive and a negative modulator of Escherichia coli's response to methylating agents

Sakumi, K.; Igarashi, K.; Sekiguchi, M.; Ishihama, A., 1993:
The Ada protein is a class I transcription factor of Escherichia coli

Zuffi, Marco, 1990:
The Adder, Vipera berus (L., 1758) in Trentino-Alto Adige: Materials for a faunistical approach

Sakura, S.; Chan, V., W.S.; Ciriales, R.; Drasner, K., 1995:
The Addition of 7.5 percent Glucose Does Not alter the Neurotoxicity of 5 percent Lidocaine Administered Intrathecally in the Rat

Sinclair, D.A.; Milne, T.A.; Hodgson, J.W.; Shellard, J.; Salinas, C.A.; Kyba, M.; Randazzo, F.; Brock, H.W., 1998:
The Additional sex combs gene of Drosophila encodes a chromatin protein that binds to shared and unique Polycomb group sites on polytene chromosomes

Gnaspini, P.; Peck, S.B., 1996:
The Adelopsis of Costa Rica and Panama (Coleoptera, Leiodidae, Cholevinae, Ptomaphagini)

Kotelchuck, M., 1994:
The Adequacy of Prenatal Care Utilization Index: its US distribution and association with low birthweight

Murphy, C.C.; Yeargin-Allsopp, M.; Decouflé, P.; Drews, C.D., 1995:
The administrative prevalence of mental retardation in 10-year-old children in metropolitan Atlanta, 1985 through 1987

Talwar, G.P., 1994:
The Adventure of Making New Vaccines

Bal'de, M.S.; Petruchuk, O.E.; Dieng, B., 1994:
The Aedes (Aedimorphus) pseudotarsalis van Someren mosquito new for Guinea

Natal, D.; Urbinatti, P., R.; Taipe-Lagos, C., B.; Creti-Junio, W.; Diederichsen, A., T.B.; Souza, R., G.; Souza, R., P., 1997:
The Aedes (Stegomyia) albopictus (Skuse) breeding in Bromeliaceae on the outskirts of an urban area of southeastern Brazil

Yelamos, Tomas, 1998:
The Aeletes of the Hawaiian Islands (Coleoptera: Histeridae)

Rossolini, G.M.; Walsh, T.; Amicosante, G., 1996:
The Aeromonas metallo-beta-lactamases: genetics, enzymology, and contribution to drug resistance

Heimes, P.; Waitzmann, M., 1993:
The Aesculapian snake (Elaphe longissima Laurenti, 1768) in Germany (Reptilia, Serpentes: Colubridae)

Maley, Jean, 1996:
The Africa rain forest-main characteristics of changes in vegetation and climate from the Upper Cretaceous to the Quaternary

Wormald, R.P.; Basauri, E.; Wright, L.A.; Evans, J.R., 1994:
The African Caribbean Eye Survey: risk factors for glaucoma in a sample of African Caribbean people living in London

Ferrer, Julio, 1995:
The African and European species of the genus Gonocephalum Solier (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae): 2nd Part

Cumberlidge, N., 1997:
The African and Madagascan freshwater crabs in the Museum of Natural History, Vienna (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura: Potamoidea)

Martins, E.; Contel, E.-Primo-Betioli, 1997:
The African beetle Onthophagus gazella maintained in terraria at Fazenda Experimental Getulio Vargas in Uberaba (MG)-Brazil

Page, S.L.J.; Bridge, J., 1994:
The African cotton-root nematode, Meloidogyne acronea; its pathogenicity and intra-generic infectivity within Gossypium

Manlius, Nicolas, 1996:
The African hunting dog present in Egypt in the 19th century?

Dupuy, B.; Koua, M'bla, 1993:
The African mahogany plantations: Their silviculture in the tropical rain forest of the Cote-d'Ivoire

Hagen, H.; Hagen, W., 1996:
The African ostrich: A farm animal in Germany?

Dupuis, Fabien, 1998:
The African species of the genus Alissonotum Arrow, 1908 (Coleoptera, Dynastidae)

Pereira, L., A.; Minelli, A., 1994:
The African species of the genus Schendylurus Silvestri, 1907

Drugmand, Didier, 1995:
The Afrobium Fagel of Madagascar: Systematics: Biogeographical and phylogenetic elements of the sub-tribe (Coleoptera Staphylinidae Paederinae Cryptobiina)

Pierre, J.; Libert, M.; Nguyen-Thi-Hong; Vuattoux, R., 1995:
The Afrotropical genus Catuna Kirby (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae)

Suja, J.A.; Hernandez-Verdun, D., 1996:
The Ag-NOR proteins present a crescent-shaped distribution at the secondary constrictions of metaphase PtK1 chromosomes

Muscarà, M.; Giuffrè, G.; Barresi, G.; Tuccari, G., 1997:
The AgNoR count in ulcerative colitis with and without dysplasia

Centeno, B.A.; Louis, D.N.; Kupsky, W.J.; Preffer, F.I.; Sobel, R.A., 1993:
The AgNOR technique, PCNA immunohistochemistry, and DNA ploidy in the evaluation of choroid plexus biopsy specimens

D.G.oot, P.W.; Schaap, P.J.; Sonnenberg, A.S.; Visser, J.; Van Griensven, L.J., 1996:
The Agaricus bisporus hypA gene encodes a hydrophobin and specifically accumulates in peel tissue of mushroom caps during fruit body development

Contu, Marco, 1993:
The Agaricus genus: I. Agaricus bisporatus spec. nov

Schofield, P.W.; Mosesson, R.E.; Stern, Y.; Mayeux, R., 1995:
The age at onset of Alzheimer's disease and an intracranial area measurement. A relationship

Proessl, K., F.; Groesser, J., R., 1995:
The Age of the Formacion Amoya, Upper Magdalena Valley: Another piece in the Paleozoic stratigraphic puzzle of Colombia

Ghadially, R.; Brown, B.E.; Sequeira-Martin, S.M.; Feingold, K.R.; Elias, P.M., 1995:
The aged epidermal permeability barrier. Structural, functional, and lipid biochemical abnormalities in humans and a senescent murine model

Derosa, C.T.; Stevens, Y.W.; Wilson, J.D.; Ademoyero, A.A.; Buchanan, S.D.; Cibulas, W.; Duerksen-Hughes, P.J.; Mumtaz, M.M.; Neft, R.E.; Pohl, H.R., 1993:
The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry's role in development and application of biomarkers in public health practice

Herzig, M.C.; Leeb-Lundberg, L.M., 1995:
The agonist binding site on the bovine bradykinin B2 receptor is adjacent to a sulfhydryl and is differentiated from the antagonist binding site by chemical cross-linking

Carbonell, F., 1994:
The Agrodiaetus poseidon Herrich-Schaffer (1851) complex in Turkey and Lebanon: Description of a new subspecies of Agrodiaetus theresiae (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)

Okey, A.B.; Riddick, D.S.; Harper, P.A., 1994:
The Ah receptor: mediator of the toxicity of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) and related compounds

Chaidaroglou, A.; Kantrowitz, E.R., 1993:
The Ala-161 fwdarw Thr substitution in Escherichia coli alkaline phosphatase does not result in loss of enzymatic activity although the homologous mutation in humans causes hypophosphatasia

Curcio, C.A.; Medeiros, N.E.; Millican, C.L., 1998:
The Alabama Age-Related Macular Degeneration Grading System for donor eyes

Joffres, M.R.; Titanich, K.L.; Hessel, P.A., 1993:
The Alberta Heart Health Survey: methods and results

Hart, M.; Amedro, F.; Owen, H., 1996:
The Albian stage and substage boundaries

Gold, J., 1998:
The Albion Street Centre database, Sydney, Australia

Lenz, O.; Schwartz, E.; Dernedde, J.; Eitinger, M.; Friedrich, B., 1994:
The Alcaligenes eutrophus H16 hoxX gene participates in hydrogenase regulation

Lieb, C.; Siddiqui, R.A.; Hippler, B.; Jahn, D.; Friedrich, B., 1998:
The Alcaligenes eutrophus hemN gene encoding the oxygen-independent coproporphyrinogen III oxidase, is required for heme biosynthesis during anaerobic growth

Bernhard, M.; Schwartz, E.; Rietdorf, J.; Friedrich, B., 1996:
The Alcaligenes eutrophus membrane-bound hydrogenase gene locus encodes functions involved in maturation and electron transport coupling

Wolfram, L.; Friedrich, B.; Eitinger, T., 1995:
The Alcaligenes eutrophus protein HoxN mediates nickel transport in Escherichia coli

Oberpenning, F.; Roth, S.; Leusmann, D.B.; van Ahlen, H.; Hertle, L., 1994:
The Alcock syndrome: temporary penile insensitivity due to compression of the pudendal nerve within the Alcock canal

Pace, Roberto, 1995:
The Aleocharinae from Burundi in the Erfurt Museum (Coleoptera Staphylinidae)

Person, D., K.; Kirchhoff, M.; Van-Ballenberghe, V.; Iverson, G., C.; Grossman, E., 1996:
The Alexander Archipelago wolf: A conservation assessment

Grüneberg, R.N., 1996:
The Alexander Project: using in-vitro susceptibility data for choosing empirical therapy in LRTI

Rott, Eugen, 1994:
The Algal Periphyton from River Alz (Bavaria)

Vu-Rose, T.; Ebramzadeh, E.; Lane, C.S.; Kuschner, S.H., 1997:
The Allen test. A study of inter-observer reliability

Morsches, B.; Benes, P., 1993:
The Allergopharma specific IgE RIA in comparison with the Pharmacia RAST

Pfeffer, M.; Kinney, R.M.; Kaaden, O.R., 1998:
The alphavirus 3'-nontranslated region: size heterogeneity and arrangement of repeated sequence elements

Spitzenberger, F.; Englisch, H., 1995:
The Alpine wood mouse (Apodemus alpicola Heinrich, 1952) in Austria

Liechti, F.; Peter, D.; Lardelli, R.; Bruderer, B., 1996:
The Alps, an obstacle for nocturnal broad front migration - a survey based on moon-watching

Ermakov, Nikolai, 1998 :
The Altaian relict subnemoral forest belt and the vegetation of pre-Pleistocene mountainous landscapes

Shioi, J.; Pangalos, M.N.; Ripellino, J.A.; Vassilacopoulou, D.; Mytilineou, C.; Margolis, R.U.; Robakis, N.K., 1995:
The Alzheimer amyloid precursor proteoglycan (appican) is present in brain and is produced by astrocytes but not by neurons in primary neural cultures

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