Section 10
Chapter 9,557

The discriminant analysis of serum antibodies and its diagnostic value in viral myocarditis of children

Ouyang Fanxian, Wu Jianmin; Yu Xiaoliang

Hunan Yike Daxue Xuebao 21(6): 525-528


Accession: 009556397

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By using the indirect immunofluorescence and immunoenzyme assay, the authors detected the heart-reactive autoantibodies type IgG as well as the antibodies type IgG and IgM to coxsackie virus Type 1-6 Group B in the sera of 109 children with viral myocarditis(VMC), of 59 children with other diseases (COD) and 67 healthy children(HC). Using two classes general and stepwise discriminant analysis, the authors studied the united diagnostic value of the antibodies united in 6 kinds of combination and get 14 discriminant formulae. The results of the diagnostic value of these discriminants indicate that two formulae containing all of the 13 antibodies have the highest diagnostic value; the consistency rates of differentiating VMC from COD and HC children are 79.2% and 92.1% respectively.

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