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The effect of temperature and organic substances concentration on the structure of the heterotrophic bacteria association in water springs of the Kunashir Island

Savvichev, A.S.; Nikitin, D.I.

Mikrobiologiya 61(2): 276-282


ISSN/ISBN: 0026-3656
Accession: 009567315

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The oligotrophic and eutrophic bacteria were isolated from the Kunashir Island's water springs of different temperature, salinity, organic substance concentration and pH. The number and ratio of oligotrophic bacteria in the total combination of the heterotrophic bacteria association were estimated. The specific content of oligotrophic bacteria was shown to be not the same in the habitats with different conditions. It has been shown that oligotrophic bacteria develop preferably in the moderate temperature zones (15-25 degree C). The experiments have proved that isolated oligotrophic bacteria are less tolerant to higher temperatures than the eutrophic isolates. A high specific content of oligotrophic bacteria in ratio of oligotrophic bacteria increases with water cooling and its enrichment in organic substance.

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