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The ideal ureteral stent for antegrade and retrograde endopyelotomy: What would it be like?

Siegel, J.F.; Smith, A.D.

Journal of Endourology 7(2): 151-154


ISSN/ISBN: 0892-7790
PMID: 8518829
DOI: 10.1089/end.1993.7.151
Accession: 009585151

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Current endopyelotomy stents are composed of polyurethane, which is an adequate biomaterial for 6 to 8 weeks of dwell time. It is easy to insert, has good internal flow, and resists encrustation. Several designs are available. External designs have the advantage of providing easy access, while the internal designs appeal to patients because no external dressing is required. On the basis of our experience, we continue to advocate the tapering external endopyelotomy stent (14F to 8F) for 6 weeks of postoperative intubation. Although urologic catheters have progressed, the perfect endopyelotomy stent has yet to be produced.

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