Section 10
Chapter 9,597

The locus-specific enhancer activity of the class I major histocompatibility complex interferon-responsive element is associated with a gamma-interferon (IFN) -inducible factor distinct from STAT1alpha, p48, and IFN regulatory factor-1

Vallejo, A.N.; Pease, L.R.

Journal of Biological Chemistry 271(47): 29813-29821


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-9258
PMID: 8939920
Accession: 009596190

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Recent analyses of the upstream regulatory regions of the class I major histocompatibility complex genes in higher primates provided a generalized structural basis for the differential expression of A- and B-locus gene products in response to specific physiological stimulus. Among the regulatory sequences that differ between the loci is the interferon-responsive element (IRE). While the B-IRE is conserved, the A-IREs have species-specific sequence variation.

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