The octopodinae from the Eastern Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea

Mangold, K.

Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology 1998(586 Part 2): 521-528


Accession: 009603623

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Some 50 species of octopodine cephalopods have been described from the eastern Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Only eight species-level taxa are retained as valid: Octopus burryi Voss, 1950; Octopus defilippi Verany, 1851; Octopus macropus Risso, 1826; Octopus magnificus Villanueva, Sanchez, and Compagno Roeleveld, 1992; Octopus salutii Verany, 1839; Octopus vulgaris Cuvier, 1797; Scaeurgus unicirrhus Orbigny, 1840; and Pteroctopus tetracirrhus (Chiaie, 1830). The junior synonyms of these species are given in their respective synonymy sections. Many Mediterranean species are nomena nuda or do not belong to the subfamily Octopodinae. Aphrodoctopus schultzei (Hoyle, 1910) is removed from the subfamily Octopodinae pending further study on the systematic placement of this unusual species. Octopus defilippi, O. macropus, O. vulgaris, Scaeurgus unicirrhus, and Pteroctopus tetracirrhus occur in both the eastern Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Octopus burryi is amphi-Atlantic but does not occur in the Mediterranean Sea. Octopus salutii is a Mediterranean endemic. Octopus magnificus occurs off Southwest and South Africa.