Section 10
Chapter 9,609

The population structure and ecology of the Antarctic scallop Adamussium colbecki (Smith, 1902) at Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea, Antarctica)

Cattaneo-Vietti, R.; Chiantore, M.; Albertelli, G.

Scientia Marina 61(Suppl 2): 15-24


ISSN/ISBN: 0214-8358
Accession: 009608218

One of the main purposes of the core project "Ecology and Biogeochemistry of the Southern Ocean" (Italian Antarctic Programme-PNRA) is to understand the utilization and ultimate fate of the organic matter sedimenting through the water column and its influence in the structure of the macrobenthic assemblages. At Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea), the scallop Adamussium colbecki (Smith, 1902) constitutes large beds up to 70-80 m depth.

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