The summer ichthyofauna in and around the eelgrass beds in Koajiro Bay and Moroiso Bay, Miura Peninsula, with a review of the biology of component fishes in reference to environmental studies

Fukao, R.

Physiology and Ecology Japan 31(1-2): 1-20


Accession: 009629762

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Fish fauna was examined by using various sampling techniques and field observations in and around the eelgrass beds of Koajiro and Moroiso bays, which are different from each other in physical environments, in the summer of 1990 as a first step in the environmental studies there. Forty-one fish species of 26 families and 29 species of 20 families were collected from the former and the latter bays respectively and 19 species were common to both bays. These two fish assemblages contained some characteristic species of the eelgrass beds under the strong influence of a warm current. The difference in species composition between these two assemblages seemed partly to be associated with the difference in the degree of exposure of the bed and existence or absence of the influx of fresh water. The fish assemblage in and around eelgrass beds was divided into 3 groups based on their habitat preference and the biology of component species was examined in respect of the contribution to the coastal environmental studies. The prospects for environmental studies were also given.