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The system of agaroids and carrageenans from the soluble fraction of the tetrasporic stage of the red seaweed Iridaea undulosa

The system of agaroids and carrageenans from the soluble fraction of the tetrasporic stage of the red seaweed Iridaea undulosa

Carbohydrate Polymers 34(1-2): 61-65

ISSN/ISBN: 0144-8617

DOI: 10.1016/s0144-8617(97)00097-0

The fraction of the carrageenans from the tetrasporic stage of Iridaea undulosa soluble in potassium chloride was subfractionated by ion-exchange chromatography on an anion exchanger diluted with gel permeation media. The system under analysis consists of a mixture of lambda-carrageenans and variant agaroids. The latter contain large amounts of 3-linked 6-substituted units and galactose side chains. In some molecules, D-glucose units replace D-galactose ones.

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