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The utilization of date palm leaves and poultry manure as feedstuffs for farm livestock in Saudi Arabia: VI. Effect of feeding date palm leaf silage on growth performance and digestibility in Awass and Naudi Lambs

Kim, C.W.; Lee, N.H.; Song, K.S.; Kim, H.M.; Park, B.S.; Yoon, C.S.; Han, C.K.; Sohail, M.A.

Korean Journal of Animal Nutrition and Feedstuffs 17(5): 299-304


Accession: 009636885

This experiment was carried out the evaluate the date palm leaf silage by means of a feeding an digestion trial with Awassi and Najdi breeds in Saudi Arabia. Daily live weight gains of Awassi lambs alfalfa hay and date palm leaf silage were identical (0.158kg/day) but higher (0.195kg/day) in the group fed alfalfa hay/date palm leaf silage mixture. However, feed conversion was lowest in the group fed date palm leaf silage (6.11kg feed/kg gain) whereas alfalfa hay/date palm leaf silage group was intermediate (8.07kg feed/kg gain). In Najdi lambs the daily weight gain was highest (0.158kg/day) the alfalfa hay group and lowest (0.123kg/day) in the date palm leaf silage group. However, both breed showed similarity in feed efficiency. TDN value of date palm leaf silage was evaluated as 58.6%, and digestible energy and metabolizable energy in lambs were 10.8 MJ/kg and 8.9 MJ/kg, respectively.

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