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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 9647

Chapter 9647 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Jui, X.; Von Rosenvinge, E.C.; Johnson, W.W.; Tomarev, S.I.; Piatigorsky, J.; Armstrong, R.N.; Gilliland, G.L., 1995:
Three-dimensional structure, catalytic properties, and evolution of a sigma class glutathione transferase from squid, a progenitor of the lens S-crystallins of cephalopods

Han, K.F.; Bystroff, C.; Baker, D., 1997:
Three-dimensional structures and contexts associated with recurrent amino acid sequence patterns

Franken, S.M.; Scheidig, A.J.; Krengel, U.; Rensland, H.; Geyer, A.L.utwein Matthias; Scheffzek, K.; Goody, R.S.; Kalibitzer, H.R.bert, 1993:
Three-dimensional structures and properties of a transforming and a nontransforming glycine-12 mutant of p21-H-r-as

Rose, R.B.; Craik, C.S.; Douglas, N.L.; Stroud, R.M., 1996:
Three-dimensional structures of HIV-1 and SIV protease product complexes

Clore, G.M.; Gronenborn, A.M., 1995:
Three-dimensional structures of alpha and beta chemokines

Livnah, O.; Bayer, E.A.; Wilchek, M.; Sussman, J.L., 1993:
Three-dimensional structures of avidin and the avidin-biotin complex

Onodera, K.; Sakurai, M.; Moriyama, H.; Tanaka, N.; Numata, K.; Oshima, T.; Sato, M.; Katsube, Y., 1994:
Three-dimensional structures of chimeric enzymes between Bacillus subtilis and Thermus thermophilus 3-isopropylmalate dehydrogenases

Senda, T.; Sugiyama, K.; Narita, H.; Yamamoto, T.; Kimbara, K.; Fukuda, M.; Sato, M.; Yano, K.; Mitsui, Y., 1996 :
Three-dimensional structures of free form and two substrate complexes of an extradiol ring-cleavage type dioxygenase, the BphC enzyme from Pseudomonas sp. strain KKS102

Stenberg, K.; Lindqvist, Y., 1997:
Three-dimensional structures of glycolate oxidase with bound active-site inhibitors

Avaeva, S.M.; Rodina, E.V.; Vorobyeva, N.N.; Kurilova, S.A.; Nazarova, T.I.; Sklyankina, V.A.; Oganessyan, V.Y.; Samygina, V.R.; Harutyunyan, E.H., 1998:
Three-dimensional structures of mutant forms of E. coli inorganic pyrophosphatase With AspfwdarwAsn single substitution in positions 42, 65, 70, and 97

Lancaster, C.R.; Michel, H., 1996:
Three-dimensional structures of photosynthetic reaction centers

Liang, H.; Fesik, S.W., 1998:
Three-dimensional structures of proteins involved in programmed cell death

Malby, R.L.; McCoy, A.J.; Kortt, A.A.; Hudson, P.J.; Colman, P.M., 1998:
Three-dimensional structures of single-chain Fv-neuraminidase complexes

Mizutani, R.; Miura, K.; Nakayama, T.; Shimada, I.; Arata, Y.; Satow, Y., 1995:
Three-dimensional structures of the Fab fragment of murine N1G9 antibody from the primary immune response and of its complex with (4-hydroxy-3-nitrophenyl)acetate

Kohno, T.; Kobayashi, K.; Maeda, T.; Sato, K.; Takashima, A., 1996:
Three-dimensional structures of the amyloid beta peptide (25-35) in membrane-mimicking environment

Hamasaki, M.; Wakimoto, M.; Maehara, T.; Matsuo, H., 1994:
Three-dimensional structures of the neck region of the hamster spermatozoa in the caudal epididymis

Itamochi, Chiemi, 1996:
Three-dimensional structures of the nonpigmented epithelium of the dog ciliary body: Application of sodium hydroxide digestion of scanning electron microscopic observation of the ciliary epithelium

Mattinen, M.L.; Kontteli, M.; Kerovuo, J.; Linder, M.; Annila, A.; Lindeberg, G.; Reinikainen, T.; Drakenberg, T., 1997:
Three-dimensional structures of three engineered cellulose-binding domains of cellobiohydrolase I from Trichoderma reesei

Varghese, J.N.; Garrett, T.P.; Colman, P.M.; Chen, L.; Høj, P.B.; Fincher, G.B., 1994:
Three-dimensional structures of two plant beta-glucan endohydrolases with distinct substrate specificities

Baba, T.; Sakaguchi, N.; Hotchi, M.; Ohno, S., 1992:
Three-dimensional study of epithelioid cells by a quick-freezing and deep-etching method in muramyl dipeptide-induced granulomas

Otani, M.; Ohno, S.; Aoki, I.; Misugi, K.; Nakazawa, K.; Shigematsu, H., 1993:
Three-dimensional study of glomerular lesions in murine chronic graft-versus-host reaction by the quick-freezing and deep-etching method

Sun, X.Z.i; Inouye, M.; Fukui, Y.; Darmanto, W.; Hayasaka, S.; Yamamura, H., 1996:
Three-dimensional study of the cerebral vascular system in mice using corrosive resin casts

King, M.J.; David, T.; Fisher, J., 1997:
Three-dimensional study of the effect of two leaflet opening angles on the time-dependent flow through a bileaflet mechanical heart valve

D.G.us, K.; Watt, A., 1996:
Three-dimensional stylization of structures of interest from computed tomography images applied to radiotherapy planning

Bloebaum, R.D.; Radley, K.M., 1995:
Three-dimensional surface analysis of young adult human articular cartilage

Suga, K.; Kume, N.; Nishigauchi, K.; Kawakami, Y.; Kawamura, T.; Matsumoto, T.; Matsunaga, N., 1998:
Three-dimensional surface display of dynamic pulmonary xenon-133 SPECT in patients with obstructive lung disease

Okuda, B.; Kawabata, K.; Tachibana, H.; Sugita, M.; Fukuchi, M., 1993:
Three-dimensional surface display using 123I-IMP in a case of motor neuron disease with dementia

Suga, K.; Nishigauchi, K.; Matsunaga, N.; Kawakami, Y.; Kume, N.; Sugi, K.; Esato, K., 1997:
Three-dimensional surface displays of perfusion SPET in the evaluation of patients with pulmonary emphysema for thoracoscopic lung volume reduction surgery

Liljenqvist, U.; Halm, H.; Hierholzer, E.; Drerup, B.; Weiland, M., 1998:
Three-dimensional surface measurement of spinal deformities using video rasterstereography

Minowa, Masayoshi, 1994:
Three-dimensional surface-model and computer graphics of a pig for the analysis of thermal radiation heat transfer

Denic, S., 1996:
Three-dimensional survival model of breast cancer patients

Mcgehee, D.; Jaffe, J., S., 1996:
Three-dimensional swimming behavior of individual zooplankters: Observations using the acoustical imaging system Fish TV

Van-Wieringen, N.; Van-Dijk, J.D.P.; Van-Veldhuizen, J.; Nieuwenhuys, G.J., 1997:
Three-dimensional temperature control of palladium-nickel thermoseeds: A computer aided and experimental evaluation

Stokes, I.A., 1994:
Three-dimensional terminology of spinal deformity. A report presented to the Scoliosis Research Society by the Scoliosis Research Society Working Group on 3-D terminology of spinal deformity

Stringaris, K.; Liberopoulos, K.; Giaka, E.; Kokkinis, K.; Bastounis, E.; Klonaris, E.C.; Balas, P., 1996:
Three-dimensional time-of-flight MR angiography and MR imaging versus conventional angiography in carotid artery dissections

Li, D.; Haacke, E.M.rk; Mugleri, J., P.I.; Berr, S.; Brookeman, J., R.; Hutton, M., C., 1994:
Three-dimensional time-of-flight MR angiography using selective inversion recovery RAGE with fat saturation and ECG-triggering: Application to renal arteries

Strik, W.K.; Fallgatter, A.J.; Brandeis, D.; Pascual-Marqui, R.D., 1998:
Three-dimensional tomography of event-related potentials during response inhibition: Evidence for phasic frontal lobe activation

Baba, H.; Maezawa, Y.; Uchida, K.; Imura, S.; Kawahara, N.; Tomita, K.; Kudo, M., 1997:
Three-dimensional topographic analysis of spinal accessory motoneurons under chronic mechanical compression: An experimental study in the mouse

Frymier, P.D.; Ford, R.M.; Berg, H.C.; Cummings, P.T., 1995:
Three-dimensional tracking of motile bacteria near a solid planar surface

Cheng, T.O.; Wang, X.F.ng; Zheng, L.H.i; Li, Z.A.; Lu, P., 1994:
Three-dimensional transesophageal echocardiography in the diagnosis of mitral valve prolapse

Prasad, B.V.; Prevelige, P.E.; Marietta, E.; Chen, R.O.; Thomas, D.; King, J.; Chiu, W., 1993:
Three-dimensional transformation of capsids associated with genome packaging in a bacterial virus

May Newman, K.; Omens, J.H.; Pavelec, R.S.; Mcculloch, A.D., 1994:
Three-dimensional transmural mechanical interactions between the coronary vasculature and passive myocardium in the dog

Chin, J., L.; Downey, D., B.; Mulligan, M.; Fenster, A., 1998:
Three-dimensional transrectal ultrasound guided cryoablation for localized prostate cancer in nonsurgical candidates: A feasibility study and report of early results

Perez, C., A.; Purdy, J., A.; Harms, W.; Gerber, R.; Graham, M., V.; Matthews, J., W.; Bosch, W.; Drzymala, R.; Emami, B.; Fox, S.; Klein, E.; Lee, H., K.; Michalski, J., M.; Simpson, J., R., 1995:
Three-dimensional treatment planning and conformal radiation therapy: Preliminary evaluation

Nagata, Y.; Okajima, K.; Murata, R.; Mitsumori, M.; Mizowaki, T.; Tsutsui, K.; Ono, K.; Nishimura, Y.; Hiraoka, M.; Nishidai, T.; Takahashi, M.; Abe, M., 1994:
Three-dimensional treatment planning for maxillary cancer using a CT simulator

Grosu, A.L.; Feldmann, H.J.; Albrecht, C.; Kneschaurek, P.; Wehrmann, R.; Gross, M.W.; Zimmermann, F.B.; Molls, M., 1998:
Three-dimensional treatment planning of brain tumors: Advantages of the method and clinical results

Schoeppel, S., L.; Lavigne, M., L.; Martel, M., K.; Mcshan, D., L.; Fraass, B., A.; Roberts, J., A., 1994:
Three-dimensional treatment planning of intracavitary gynecologic implants: Analysis of ten cases and implications for dose specification

Roberson, P.L.; Buchsbaum, D.J.; Heidorn, D.B.; Ten Haken, R.K., 1992:
Three-dimensional tumor dosimetry for radioimmunotherapy using serial autoradiography

Sourla, A.; Doillon, C.; Koutsilieris, M., 1996:
Three-dimensional type I collagen gel system containing MG-63 osteoblasts-like cells as a model for studying local bone reaction caused by metastatic cancer cells

Haas, T.L.; Davis, S.J.; Madri, J.A., 1998:
Three-dimensional type I collagen lattices induce coordinate expression of matrix metalloproteinases MT1-MMP and MMP-2 in microvascular endothelial cells

Ritchie, C.J.; Edwards, W.S.; Mack, L.A.; Cyr, D.R.; Kim, Y., 1996:
Three-dimensional ultrasonic angiography using power-mode Doppler

Zhou, Yuqing; Zhang, Qingping; Xiao, Xiantao, 1998 :
Three-dimensional ultrasonic reconstruction of the vasculature within the parenchymal organs

Hata, T.; Aoki, S.; Hata, K.; Miyazaki, K., 1998:
Three-dimensional ultrasonographic assessment of the umbilical cord during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy

Hata, T.; Aoki, S.; Hata, K.; Miyazaki, K.; Akahane, M.; Mochizuki, T., 1998:
Three-dimensional ultrasonographic assessments of fetal development

Hata, T.; Aoki, S.; Miyazaki, K.; Iwanari, O.; Sawada, K.; Tagashira, T., 1998:
Three-dimensional ultrasonographic visualization of multiple pregnancy

Hell, B.; Walter, F.A.; Schreiber, S.; Blase, H.; Bielke, G.; Meindl, S.; Stein, G., 1993:
Three-dimensional ultrasonography in maxillofacial surgery: A new diagnostic tool

Platt, L., D.; Santulli, T.,. Jr.;; Carlson, D., E.; Greene, N.; Walla, C., A., 1998:
Three-dimensional ultrasonography in obstetrics and gynecology: Preliminary experience

Merz, E.; Bahlmann, F.; Weber, G.; Macchiella, D., 1995:
Three-dimensional ultrasonography in prenatal diagnosis

Hata, T.; Aoki, S.; Manabe, A.; Hata, K.; Miyazaki, K., 1997:
Three-dimensional ultrasonography in the first trimester of human pregnancy

Finger, P.T.; Romero, J.M.; Rosen, R.B.; Iezzi, R.; Emery, R.; Berson, A., 1998:
Three-dimensional ultrasonography of choroidal melanoma: localization of radioactive eye plaques

Gilja, O.H.; Hausken, T.; Odegaard, S.; Berstad, A., 1996:
Three-dimensional ultrasonography of the gastric antrum in patients with functional dyspepsia

Douvin, C., 1998:
Three-dimensional ultrasonography: Contribution to the diagnosis of liver and bile duct disorders

Chang, F.-Ming; Hsu, K.-Fu; Ko, H.-Chen; Yao, B.-Lin; Chang, C.-Hsin; Yu, C.-Hsiang; Chen, H.-Yao, 1997:
Three-dimensional ultrasound assessment of fetal liver volume in normal pregnancy: A comparison of reproducibility with two-dimensional ultrasound and a search for a volume constant

Marks, L.S.; Dorey, F.J.; Macairan, M.L.; Park, C.; deKernion, J.B., 1997:
Three-dimensional ultrasound device for rapid determination of bladder volume

Klimek, L.; Schreiber, J.; Amedee, R.G.; Mann, W.J., 1998:
Three-dimensional ultrasound evaluation in the head and neck

Yoshizato, T.; Koyanagi, T.; Nagata, S.; Takashima, T.; Fukushima, S.; Nakano, H., 1995:
Three-dimensional ultrasound image of the fetal stomach: Congenital duodenal obstruction in utero

Belohlavek, M.; Foley, D.A.; Gerber, T.C.; Greenleaf, J.F.; Seward, J.B., 1993:
Three-dimensional ultrasound imaging of the atrial septum: normal and pathologic anatomy

Cusumano, A.; Coleman, D.J.ckson; Silverman, R., H.; Reinstein, D., Z.; Rondeau, M., J.; Ursea, R.; Daly, S., M.; Lloyd, H., O., 1998:
Three-dimensional ultrasound imaging: Clinical applications

Steiner, H.; Staudach, A.; Spitzer, D.; Schaffer, H., 1994:
Three-dimensional ultrasound in obstetrics and gynaecology: technique, possibilities and limitations

Berardi, J.C.; Moulis, M.; De-Lanete, A.; Godard, J.; Eole-Picq, M.J., 1997:
Three-dimensional ultrasound in obstetrics. Advantages and limits

Mueller, G.M.; Weiner, C.P.; Yankowitz, J., 1996:
Three-dimensional ultrasound in the evaluation of fetal head and spine anomalies

Johnson, D.D.; Pretorius, D.H.; Budorick, N., 1997:
Three-dimensional ultrasound of conjoined twins

Johnson, D.D.; Pretorius, D.H.; Riccabona, M.; Budorick, N.E.; Nelson, T.R., 1997:
Three-dimensional ultrasound of the fetal spine

Yao, J.; van Sambeek, M.R.; Dall'Agata, A.; van Dijk, L.C.; Kozakova, M.; Koudstaal, P.J.; Roelandt, J.R., 1998:
Three-dimensional ultrasound study of carotid arteries before and after endarterectomy; analysis of stenotic lesions and surgical impact on the vessel

Chang, F.M.ng; Liang, R.I.g; Ko, H.C.en; Yao, B.L.n; Chang, C.H.in; Yu, C.H.iang, 1997:
Three-dimensional ultrasound-assessed fetal thigh volumetry in predicting birth weight

Riccabona, M.; Pretorius, D., H.; Nelson, T., R.; Johnson, D.; Budorick, N., E., 1997:
Three-dimensional ultrasound: Display modalities in obstetrics

Winey, M.M.may, C.; O'-Toole, E.; Mastronarde, D.; Giddings, T.J.; Mcdonald, K.; Mcintosh,. Jr.;, 1995:
Three-dimensional ultrastructural analysis of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae mitotic spindle

Kubo, M.; Uchiyama, H.; Ueno, A.; Terada, N.; Fujii, Y.; Baba, T.; Ohno, S., 1998:
Three-dimensional ultrastructure of apoptotic nuclei in rat prostatic epithelial cells revealed by a quick-freezing and deep-etching method

Yu, H.S.; Russell, S.D., 1993:
Three-dimensional ultrastructure of generative cell mitosis in the pollen tube of Nicotiana tabacum

Moriya, T.; Ohno, S.; Yajima, Y., 1995:
Three-dimensional ultrastructure of human glomerular basement membrane by a quick-freezing and deep-etching method

Furuta, K.; Ohno, S.; Gibo, Y.; Kiyosawa, K.; Furuta, S., 1992:
Three-dimensional ultrastructure of normal rat hepatocytes by quick-freezing and deep-etching method

Ushiki, T.; Takeda, M., 1997:
Three-dimensional ultrastructure of the perivascular space in the rat thymus

Iwasaki, S.; Yoshizawa, H.; Kawahara, I., 1996:
Three-dimensional ultrastructure of the surface of the tongue of the rat snake, Elaphe climacophora

Gao, S.; Nadeem, A.; Deale, O.C.rlton; Lerman, B.B.; Ng, K.T., 1995:
Three-dimensional uniform grid modeling of electrical defibrillation on a data parallel computer

Zhang, X.; Ashton Miller, J.A.; Stohler, C.S., 1995:
Three-dimensional unilateral method for the bilateral measurement of condylar movements

Bijhold, J., 1993:
Three-dimensional verification of patient placement during radiotherapy using portal images

Durrani, A.F.; Preminger, G.M., 1995:
Three-dimensional video imaging for endoscopic surgery

Wenzl, R.; Lehner, R.; Vry, U.; Pateisky, N.; Sevelda, P.; Husslein, P., 1994:
Three-dimensional video-endoscopy: Clinical use in gynaecological laparoscopy

Yanai, T.; Hay, J.G.; Gerot, J.T., 1996:
Three-dimensional videography of swimming with panning periscopes

Oliver, W.R.; Boxwala, A.; Rosenman, J.; Cullip, T.; Symon, J.; Wagner, G., 1997:
Three-dimensional visualization and image processing in the evaluation of patterned injuries. The AFIP/UNC experience in the Rodney King case

Ibbott, G.S.; Maryanski, M.J.; Eastman, P.; Holcomb, S.D.; Zhang, Y.; Avison, R.G.; Sanders, M.; Gore, J.C., 1997:
Three-dimensional visualization and measurement of conformal dose distributions using magnetic resonance imaging of BANG polymer gel dosimeters

Pauli, S.; Sedvall, G., 1997:
Three-dimensional visualization and quantification of the benzodiazepine receptor population within a living human brain using PET and MRI

Biggerstaff, J.; Amirkhosravi, A.; Francis, J.L., 1997:
Three-dimensional visualization and quantitation of fibrin in solid tumors by confocal laser scanning microscopy

Hasegawa, T.; Horio, H.; Okino, H.; Taylor, T.W.; Yamaguchi, T., 1993:
Three-dimensional visualization of air flow in infant incubators using computational fluid mechanics

Messerli, J.M.; van der Voort, H.T.; Rungger-Brändle, E.; Perriard, J.C., 1993:
Three-dimensional visualization of multi-channel volume data: the amSFP algorithm

Luque, J.M.; Biou, V.; Nicholls, J.G., 1998:
Three-dimensional visualization of the distribution, growth, and regeneration of monoaminergic neurons in whole mounts of immature mammalian CNS

Seipel, S.; Wagner, I.-Veronika; Koch, S.; Schneider, W., 1995:
Three-dimensional visualization of the mandible: A new method for presenting the periodontal status and diseases

Shaw, A.L.; Rothnagel, R.; Chen, D.; Ramig, R.F.; Chiu, W.; Prasad, B.V.V.nkataram, 1993 :
Three-dimensional visualization of the rotavirus hemagglutinin structure

Rutherford, S.A.; Goldberg, M.W.; Allen, T.D., 1997:
Three-dimensional visualization of the route of protein import: the role of nuclear pore complex substructures

Martone, M.E.; Zhang, Y.; Simpliciano, V.M.; Carragher, B.O.; Ellisman, M.H., 1993:
Three-dimensional visualization of the smooth endoplasmic reticulum in Purkinje cell dendrites

Nakagawa, A.; Kobayashi, N.; Muramatsu, T.; Yamashina, Y.; Shirai, T.; Hashimoto, M.W.; Ikenaga, M.; Mori, T., 1998:
Three-dimensional visualization of ultraviolet-induced DNA damage and its repair in human cell nuclei

Sloth, E.; Houlind, K.C.; Oyre, S.; Kim, W.Y.ng; Pedersen, E.M.; Jorgensen, H.S.; Hasenkam, J.M.chael, 1994:
Three-dimensional visualization of velocity profiles in the human main pulmonary artery with magnetic resonance phase-velocity mapping

Maeder, P.P.; Meuli, R.A.; de Tribolet, N., 1996:
Three-dimensional volume rendering for magnetic resonance angiography in the screening and preoperative workup of intracranial aneurysms

Masters, B.R.; Sasaki, K.; Sakamoto, Y.; Kojima, M.; Emori, Y.; Senft, S.L.; Foster, M., 1996:
Three-dimensional volume visualization of the in vivo human ocular lens showing localization of the cataract

Chandrasekaran, K.; Sehgal, C.M.; Hsu, T.L.; Young, N.A.; D'Adamo, A.J.; Robb, R.A.; Pandian, N.G., 1994:
Three-dimensional volumetric ultrasound imaging of arterial pathology from two-dimensional intravascular ultrasound: an in vitro study

Steinbock, O.; Siegert, F.; Müller, S.C.; Weijer, C.J., 1993:
Three-dimensional waves of excitation during Dictyostelium morphogenesis

Westhof, E.; Altman, S., 1994:
Three-dimensional working model of M1 RNA, the catalytic RNA subunit of ribonuclease P from Escherichia coli

Fischer, D.; Wolfson, H.; Lin, S.L.; Nussinov, R., 1994:
Three-dimensional, sequence order-independent structural comparison of a serine protease against the crystallographic database reveals active site similarities: potential implications to evolution and to protein folding

Liu, W.; Seigler, S.; Hillstrom, H.; Whitney, K., 1997:
Three-dimensional, six-degrees-of-freedom kinematics of the human hindfoot during the stance phase of level walking

Ogura, T.; Koizumi, K.; Sakai, T.; Takatsu, K.; Maruyama, M., 1998:
Three-dimensional-CT imaging of colorectal disease with thin collimation helical CT scanning

Piston, D.W.; Masters, B.R.; Webb, W.W., 1995:
Three-dimensionally resolved NAD(P)H cellular metabolic redox imaging of the in situ cornea with two-photon excitation laser scanning microscopy

Hakkinen, J.; Liinasuo, M.; Kojo, I.; Nyman, G., 1998:
Three-dimensionally slanted illusory contours capture stereopsis

Piras, G.; Nakade, K.; Yuasa, S.; Baba, M., 1997:
Three-drug combination of MKC-442, lamivudine and zidovudine in vitro: potential approach towards effective chemotherapy against HIV-1

Lahteenmaki, L.; Tuorila, H., 1994:
Three-factor eating questionnaire and the use and liking of sweet and fat among dieters

Marshall, Mark, G., 1993:
Three-field isocentric breast irradiation using asymmetric jaws and a tilt board

Berglund, L.; Witztum, J.L.; Galeano, N.F.; Khouw, A.S.; Ginsberg, H.N.; Ramakrishnan, R., 1998:
Three-fold effect of lovastatin treatment on low density lipoprotein metabolism in subjects with hyperlipidemia: increase in receptor activity, decrease in apoB production, and decrease in particle affinity for the receptor. Results from a novel triple-tracer approach

Johnson, J.P.; Poskanzer, L.S.; Sherman, S., 1996:
Three-generation family with resemblance to Townes-Brocks syndrome and Goldenhar/oculoauriculovertebral spectrum

Brown, J.V.; Rettenmaier, M.A.; Dillman, R.A.; Birk, C.L.; Culkin, K.; Micha, J.P., 1998:
Three-hour paclitaxel infusion and carboplatin is an effective outpatient treatment for stage III epithelial ovarian cancer

Younes, A.; Sarris, A.; Melnyk, A.; Romaguera, J.; McLaughlin, P.; Swan, F.; Rodriguez, M.A.; Hagemeister, F.; Moore, D.; North, L., 1995:
Three-hour paclitaxel infusion in patients with refractory and relapsed non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Glancy, J.M.; Garratt, C.J.; Woods, K.L.; D.B.no, D.P., 1995:
Three-lead measurement of QTc dispersion

van Putten, W.L.; Kortboyer, J.; Bolhuis, R.L.; Gratama, J.W., 1993:
Three-marker phenotypic analysis of lymphocytes based on two-color immunofluorescence using a multinomial model for flow cytometric counts and maximum likelihood estimation

Rothschild, B.M.; Rothschild, C.; Bement, L.C., 1993:
Three-millennium antiquity of the lithokelyphos variety of lithopedion

Emanuelli, M.; Raffaelli, N.; Amici, A.; Fanelli, M.; Ruggieri, S.; Magni, G., 1996:
Three-minute high-performance liquid chromatographic assay for NMN adenylyltransferase using a 20-mm-long reversed-phase column

Nadeau, C.; Hilton, D.; Savard, D.; Morin, Y.; Baird, M.; Alexander, M.; Langer, G.; Roth, D.; Boulet, A.P.; Lariviere, L., 1995:
Three-month efficacy and safety of once-daily diltiazem in chronic stable angina pectoris

Hoffman, G.W.; DiRito, D.C.; McGill, E.C., 1993:
Three-month follow-up of 28 dual diagnosis inpatients

Nagashima, Y.; Takahashi, E.; Akai, H.; Tamura, K.; Miyakawa, Y.; Matsuo, H.; Okumura, K., 1996:
Three-month oral toxicity study of azasetron hydrochloride in dogs followed by 1-month recovery test

Kashima, H.; Aoyama, N.; Hamada, H.; Sanda, E.; Katayama, Y.; Imai, J.; Isowa, K.; Mitsuzono, T.; Miyakawa, Y.; Takagi, S.; Horizoe, H., 1996:
Three-month oral toxicity study of azasetron hydrochloride in rats followed by 1-month recovery test

Shimonishi, I.; Hirakawa, K.; Nakatsuji, S.; Ugumori, N.; Takebe, H.; Unno, T.; Awata, N.; Nurimoto, S., 1996:
Three-month repeated oral dose toxicity study of Kami-kihi-to dried extract in rats

Shimonishi, I.; Hirakawa, K.; Idogawa, H.; Ugumori, N.; Unno, T.; Awata, N.; Nurimoto, S., 1996:
Three-month repeated oral dose toxicity study of Ninjin-yoei-to dried extract in rats

Kuwayama, N.; Nakayama, T.; Murakoshi, M.; Isobe, M.; Sato, A.; Eguchi, K.; Makino, M.; Iizuka, K.; Inada, R., 1994:
Three-month repeated oral dose toxicity study of osaterone acetate (TZP-4238), a new antiandrogen, in beagle dogs

Makino, M.; Murakoshi, M.; Isobe, M.; Sato, A.; Kuwayama, N.; Yamamoto, T.; Eguchi, K.; Ogawa, C.; Inada, R.; Iwasaka, T.; Hisada, S.; Nakayama, T.; Suzuki, M., R., 1994:
Three-month repeated oral dose toxicity study of osaterone acetate (TZP-4238), an antiandrogen, in rats

Maeda, Y.; Yamasaki, K.; Shiraishi, K.; Iwasaki, M.; Yamakawa, Y.; Miura, H.; Namba, K.; Takemura, K., 1994:
Three-month repeated-dose percutaneous toxicity study of clonidine tape (M-5041T) in beagle dogs followed by one-month recovery test

Katahira, R.; Beppu, M., 1996:
Three-month study on the safety of potatoes treated with ethanol for sprout suppression in male Wister rats

Bouchot, O.; Soret, J.Y.es; Jacqmin, D.; Lahlou, N.; Roger, M.; Blumberg, J., 1998:
Three-month sustained-release form of triptorelin in patients with advanced prostatic adenocarcinoma: results of an open pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic multicenter study

Andreozzi, G.M.; Signorelli, S.S.; Cacciaguerra, G.; D.P.no, L.; Martini, R.; Monaco, S.; Buttò, G.; Sardina, M., 1993:
Three-month therapy with calcium-heparin in comparison with ticlopidine in patients with peripheral arterial occlusive disease at Leriche-Fontaine IIb class

Suter, L.; Koch, E.; Bechter, R.; Bobadilla, M., 1997:
Three-parameter flow cytometric analysis of rat spermatogenesis

Hamby, D.M.; Simpkins, A.A., 1998:
Three-parameter model for estimating atmospheric tritium dose at the Savannah River Site

Meeves, S.; Hafner, K.; Park, G.; Weber, M., 1995:
Three-period crossover trial with ambulatory blood pressure monitoring for evaluating antihypertensive therapy

Phillpott, J.; Ali, S.A.; Briscoe, E.G.; Cesani, F., 1997:
Three-phase Tc-99m labeled RBC scintigraphy of a splenic hemangioma

Wang, S.J.; Lan, J.L.; Lin, W.Y.; Liu, R.S.; Yeh, S.H., 1995:
Three-phase abdominal scintigraphy in lupus vasculitis of the gastrointestinal tract

O'Donoghue, J.P.; Powe, J.E.; Mattar, A.G.; Hurwitz, G.A.; Laurin, N.R., 1993:
Three-phase bone scintigraphy. Asymmetric patterns in the upper extremities of asymptomatic normals and reflex sympathetic dystrophy patients

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Threshold of the soleus muscle H-reflex is less sensitive to the change in excitability of the motoneuron pool during plantarflexion or dorsiflexion in humans

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Threshold of ventral root stimulation to produce the IS-spike with the M-spike is higher than that to produce the IS-spike without the M-spike in the same cat motoneuron

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