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Chapter 9,653

To the investigation of lichen genus Hypocenomyce M. Choisy emend. P. James and G. Schneider in Ukraine

Zelenko, S.D.

Ukrayins'kyi Botanichnyi Zhurnal 51(2-3): 153-157


Accession: 009652957

Two new species of the lichen genus Hypocenomyce (Choisy) James and Schneider are presented first for the Ukraine. H. sorophora (Vainio) James and Schneider and H. anthracophila (Nyl.) James and Schneider were found on the base of analyses of collected material from forest zone of Ukraine. The key for the identification of Ukrainian species of genus Hypocenomyce is presented. H. fresii (Ach.) James and Schneider is included too in this key. This species is unknown yet for Ukraine. but may be found here in the nearest future. The ecological, botanical, geographical characteristics and distribution of investigated species are given.

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