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Chapter 9,665

Transformation of human breast epithelial cells by 7, 12, dimethylbenz (a) anthracene, but not by N-methyl-N-nitrosourea, is accompanied by up-regulation of basic fibroblast growth factor

Lazzaro, G.; Mehta, R.; Shilkaitis, A.; Dasgupta, T.

Oncology Reports 4(6): 1175-1180


ISSN/ISBN: 1021-335X
PMID: 21590217
Accession: 009664260

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Normal human breast epithelial cells (HBL100) are immortalized by endogenous SV40 genome and are not tumorigenic in nude mice if injected in the first 50 passages in culture. This cell line also depends on the expression of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) for its viability in culture. The present study was designed to transform these cells with chemical carcinogens to establish malignant HBL100 cell lines in order to evaluate the eventual modulation in the expression of bFGF.

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