Section 10
Chapter 9,676

Trends and factors in infant mortality in developed countries and the Republics of the Former Soviet Union

Pinnelli, A.; Nobile, A.; Lapinch, A.

Population 49(2): 369-394


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-4663
Accession: 009675234

Following their successful conquest of infectious disease, lower infant mortality in developed countries is now mainly due to improved conditions in childbirth and to a lower death rate for children at risk. Despite greater homogeneity, large differences between different countries continue. Eastern Europe and the former USSR are much less advanced than the West, and in the republics of the former USSR progress during the 1980s was slow and large disparities remain. A factor analysis shows strong correlation between infant mortality and different aspects of economic and health-related development and the status of women. These indices can be used as a measure of progress in the republics of the former Soviet Union, in which socioeconomic conditions are much less favourable than in the West.

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