Tuberculosis in young infants aged less than six months

Kiper, N.; Gocmen, A.; Dilber, E.; Ozcelik, U.

Cocuk Sagligi ve Hastaliklari Dergisi 40(1): 23-28


Accession: 009679578

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The clinical and radiological features of 15 infants less than six months of age with tuberculosis are presented. The median duration of symptoms before diagnosis with tuberculosis was 86.4 +- 58.2 days. A history of contact with a tuberculosis-infected adult was present in six patients. Cough and fever were the most common symptoms. The weight of seven of the infants was below the tenth percentile. The most common physical examination finding was hepatomegaly (80%). A tuberculin skin test was done in all infants and only one infant had a negative result. All but one had radiological changes suggestive of tuberculosis. We confirmed tuberculosis in five infants by performing a histologic or bacteriologic examination. Short-course intermittent antituberculosis chemotherapy was used in all infants. No relapses occurred among the patients, who were followed for an average of 3.6 +- 2.8 years.