Section 10
Chapter 9,685

Two new ruderal plant communities of the order Onopordetalia

Mucina, L.

Tuexenia 1992(12): 299-305


ISSN/ISBN: 0722-494X
Accession: 009684852

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Two new ruderal plant communities belonging to the order Onopordetalia are described from southern Slovakia. The Cerintho-Vicietum villosae (Dauco-Melilotion) populates nutrient-poor disturbed soils at road verges and slopes in wine-growing regions of the Male Karpaty Mts. It is typified by numerous Fabaceae. The community was also found in southern Styria (Austria). The Sisymbrio orientalis-Xeran-themetum annui (Onopordion) is another thermophilous ruderal community characteristic of loess-covered slopes flanking roads in the warmest regions of southern Slovakia.

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