Two-stage commercial crossing of Polish Merino sheep with Prolific Booroola and Romanov Rams: II. Fattening performance, slaughter value and skin quality in first- and second-stage crosses

Borys, B.; Osikowski, M.

Animal Science Papers and Reports 14(1): 45-58


ISSN/ISBN: 0860-4037
Accession: 009687148

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In the research conducted simultaneously in the Koluda Wielka and Memo Experiemnt Stations the fattening performance, slaughter value and skin quality was estimated in intensively fattened lambs coming from a two-stage commercial crossing of Polish Merino (M) ewes with Booroola (B) or Romanov (R) rams and later with rams of a black-head meat line (CLM). F-1 B times M crossbred ram-lambs showed a slower growth rate and feed conversion ratio, with the slaughter value and skin quality slightly worse than in M. The growth and feed conversion ratio of F-1 R times M crosses were similar or better than those of M, with slightly lower slaughter and significantly improved skin value. Second-stage crossbred lambs of both sexes coming from crossing F-1 B times M and F-1 R times M ewes with CLM rams with fully suitable for intensive fattening and showed good slaughter value both in pre- and post-slaughter evaluation. The slaughter value of second-stage crosses was comparable to the respective value of pure M lambs, with advantageous effect of the crossing scheme on the skin value, especially when there was the share of R genotype.