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Unusual false-positive radioiodine whole-body scans in patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma

Salvatori, M.; Saletnich, I.; Rufini, V.; Troncone, L.

Clinical Nuclear Medicine 22(6): 380-384


ISSN/ISBN: 0363-9762
PMID: 9193808
Accession: 009697448

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Radioiodine whole-body imaging is the most accurate method in the diagnosis of metastases from differentiated thyroid cancer. However, false-positive images rarely occur. The authors report unusual cases of thymic hyperplasia and post-traumatic skull changes mimicking mediastinal, skull, or cerebral metastases. Nonthyroidal causes were diagnosed by other radionuclide studies (bone and brain scintigraphy) and CT scans. Follow-up and undetectable thyroglobulin levels helped confirm the benign cause.

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