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Use of monoclonal antibodies in the standardization of Parietaria judaica allergenic extracts

Afferni, C.; Pini, C.; Tinghino, R.; Palumbo, S.; Biocca, M.M.; Bruno, G.; Mari, A.; Di Felice, G.

Biologicals Journal of the International Association of Biological Standardization 23(3): 239-247


ISSN/ISBN: 1045-1056
PMID: 8527125
DOI: 10.1006/biol.1995.0040
Accession: 009706042

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Two monoclonal antibodies (MoAb) specific for Parietaria judaica allergenic components were selected on the basis of their capability to recognize either the Parietaria judaica major allergen (MoAb 1A6/1D1) or several other allergenic components (MoAb 1A4/2F8) except the major allergen. These two antibodies, either individually or combined, were used to develop an ELISA-inhibition system using a reference Parietaria judaica extract (in-house Reference preparation, IHR). The assays performed with these reagents were firstly standardized by testing the IHR several times. A good reproducibility, evaluated both at the level of 50% inhibition values, and in terms of analysis of the variance of the slopes of the regression curves, was obtained. Subsequently, the potency of several Parietaria judaica extracts, either obtained by manufacturing companies or produced in other laboratories, was evaluated by these tests. Data obtained by interpolation with the IHR values and expressed in terms of arbitrary units (AU) were compared with those obtained by classical human IgE inhibition, performed with sera from allergic patients. Results indicate that the monoclonal antibodies produced in our laboratory can be successfully employed, either individually or combined, in the standardization of allergenic preparations in addition to, and possibly replacing, the classical IgE-based standardization procedures which require human specimens often available in limited amounts only.

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