Variation among isolates of Fusarium avenaceum from different hosts determined by DNA analyses and vegetative compatibility groupings

Satyaprasad, K.; Bateman, G.L.

Cereal Research Communications 25(3 Part 2): 543-547


ISSN/ISBN: 0133-3720
Accession: 009716169

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Fusarium avenaceum is pathogenic on a wide range of hosts. Isolates of F. avenaceum were obtained from root samples of different crops including lupins, beans, wheat and brassicas from fields at Rothamsted with different cropping histories. Nuclear ribosomal DNA (rDNA) from 80 isolates was amplified by PCR using ITS4 and ITS5 primers. RFLP analysis revealed two definite pattern of bands suggesting two distinct groups among the isolates. Analysis using RAPDs revealed great variation among isolates, including those from the same host and from the same field. Vegetative compatibility was studied in 20 isolates by using nit-mutants and high VCG diversity was observed with 16 VCGs. Our results suggest a high degree of variation among the isolates of F. avenaceum.