Section 10
Chapter 9,733

Weed infestation of winter wheat and spring barley in dependence of crop rotation and fertilization

Fuchs, W.; Schmidt, S.

Kuehn-Archiv 87(1): 23-30


Accession: 009732420

In a crop rotation trial with fertilizer treatment established in 1958 in Seehausen near Leipzig selected variants were analysed for weed plant numbers and their species composition in winter wheat and spring barley crops. The study was run over two years (1988 and 1989). Beyond that, data from scorings made in 1966 and 1967 were available. With increasing percentages of grain in the crop rotation weed infestation became principally stronger. As expected, the maximum was recorded in winter wheat continuous cropping. N-input stimulated weed growth in spring. Prior to harvesting, however, weed coverage was much weaker on the mineral fertilizer plot than on the nontreated plots due to the higher competitive power of the crop plants. Organic manuring ranked between these two bracket variants.

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