A clinical comparison between endocrine and non-endocrine exophthalmos

Lodi, L.; Bisulli, F.; Losi, L.; Zaccheroni, V.; Simoni, P.; Solaroli, E.; Vescini, F.; Lodi, A.

Annali di Ottalmologia e Clinica Oculistica 122(4): 253-259


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-4665
Accession: 009747964

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The Authors considered and compared 2 groups of patients affected with exophthalmos: 125 endocrine and 66 non-endocrine. Basedow-Graves' exophthalmos is almost always bilateral; instead the non-endocrine is always unilateral. Both of them interest in the same way female sex. In the Graves' ophthalmopathy we have more often irritative signs and symptoms, like hyperaemia, chemosis and later there is diplopia and involving of the ocular muscles. In the non-endocrine ophthalmopathy pain, alterations of the ocular axis (up to the subluxation) and loss of the visual acuity are often the first symptoms.