A s54 promoter and downstream sequence elements ftr2 and ftr3 are required for regulated expression of divergent transcription units flaN and flbG in Caulobacter crescentus

Mullin, D.A.; Newton, A.

Journal of Bacteriology 175(7): 67-76


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-9193
Accession: 009755226

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The sequences required for transcription of 2 divergent, cell cycle-regulated operons of Caulobacter crescentus were investigated. The precision of gene expression and the availability of powerful genetic tools make this bacterium an attractive model for studying the mechanism of temporal gene expression during cell differentiation. RNA was purified from bacterial cells and subjected to nuclease S1 protection assay. Regulation of the flaN transcription unit in vivo was dependent on a s54 promoter and 2 ftr promotional elements, ftr2 and ftr3. Both elements were located downstream of the transcription start site. Results indicate that ftr2 is required for positive regulation of flaN, while ftr3 plays a negative regulatory role in flaN and flbG operon expression. A model explaining the action and interaction of the 2 promoters is proposed. .