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Are rates of diversification in subterranean South American tuco-tucos (genus Ctenomys, Rodentia: Octodontidae) unusually high?

Cook, J.A.; Lessa, E.P.

Evolution 52(5): 21-7


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-3820
DOI: 10.2307/2411323
Accession: 009772290

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The hypothesis that South American tuco-tucos (Ctenomys) possess unusually high rates of diversification was investigated. Tuco-tucos are the most speciose lineage of subterranean rodents and are thought to represent an extreme case of explosive diversification. The results revealed that tuco-tucos are not significantly more diverse than their sister taxon, the octodontines. However, data from a lineages-through-time analysis implied an increase in diversification at the base of the tuco-tuco clade.

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