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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 9779

Chapter 9779 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zhang, H.; Voss, K.J.; Reid, R.Pamela, 2003:
Bidirectional reflectance measurements of sediments in the vicinity of Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas

Fujino, K.; Oertel, D., 2002:
Bidirectional synaptic plasticity in the cerebellum-like mammalian dorsal cochlear nucleus

Quinlan, E.M.; Olstein, D.H.; Bear, M.F., 1999:
Bidirectional, experience-dependent regulation of N-methyl- D-aspartate receptor subunit composition in the rat visual cortex during postnatal development

McLaughlin, T.; Hindges, R.; Yates, P.A.; O'Leary, D.D.M., 2003:
Bifunctional action of ephrin-B1 as a repellent and attractant to control bidirectional branch extension in dorsal-ventral retinotopic mapping

Bondeva, T.; Pirola, L.; Bulgarelli Leva, G., 1998:
Bifurcation of lipid and protein kinase signals of PI3Kc to the protein kinases PKB and MAPK

Service, Robert F., 1999:
Big Blue aims to crack protein riddle

Anonymous, 2003:
Big Count: 3 Down

Kerr, Richard A., 1999:
Big El Ninos ride the back of slower climate change

Anonymous, 2003:
Big Fires Prompt Big Budget

Gray, Gerry, 2005:
Big Picture Needed, Please

Robbins, Michelle, 2004:
Big Tree Travel

Schulz, H.N.; Jorgensen, B.B., 2001:
Big bacteria

Seife, Charles, 2001:
Big bang's new rival debuts with a splash

Holden, Constance, 1998:
Big bird laid dino eggs?

Sloan, A.Elizabeth, 1999:
Big bowl hits the big time

Lawler, Andrew, 2002:
Big bucks for MIT brain center

Lawler, Andrew, 1998:
Big bucks for big sky country

Kondro, Wayne, 1997:
Big bucks for new equipment

Hollingsworth, Pierce, 1996:
Big changes ahead in the cyber age

Kaiser, Jocelyn, 1997 :
Big cut in FDA biologics research

Holden, Constance, 1998:
Big dwarf and the birth of heavy metal

Normile, Dennis, 2000:
Big hikes sought for life sciences, IT

Bosch, Xavier, 1998:
Big increase in Spanish research funding

Bagla, Pallava, 1999:
Big increase seen as answer to sanctions

Liebert, J.; Hubbard, W.B., 1999:
Big planets and little stars

Lawler, Andrew, 1996:
Big projects could threaten weapons labs' research base

Normile, Dennis, 1996:
Big science is booming in Japan

Arnett, E.; May, R.M., 1998:
Big spenders?

Holden, Constance, 1997:
Big splat on a small planet

Siscoe, George, 1997:
Big storms make little storms

Maurer, B.A., 2002:
Big thinking

Mathewes, Jennifer, 1998:
Big tree hunter

Sternberg, Guy, 1999:
Big trees

Arnold, Henry F., 1995:
Big trees are better

Morrison, Jessica, 1999:
Big wonder

Anonymous, 2000:
Big, bad, and ugly

Burrows, P.E.; Forrest, S.R.; Thompson, M.E., 1998:
Big, bright and organic

Simpson, R.; Almonacid, S.; Teixeira, A., 2003:
Bigelow's General Method Revisited: Development of a New Calculation Technique

Connolly, P.J.; Petersen, J.H., 2003:
Bigger Is Not Always Better for Overwintering Young-of-Year Steelhead

Gómez, Jé.M., 2004:
Bigger is not always better: conflicting selective pressures on seed size in Quercus ilex

Lawler, Andrew, 2002:
Bigger is better for science, says report

Gerhold, Henry D., 1995:
Bigger isn't always better

Greene, Katie, 2002:
Bigger populations needed for sustainable harvests

Sloan, A.Elizabeth, 2000:
Bigger, balanced, and very little bites

Holden, Constance, 1996:
Biggest black hole

Kerr, Richard A., 2000:
Biggest extinction hit land and sea

Kerr, Richard A., 1998:
Biggest extinction looks catastrophic

Schilling, Govert, 1998:
Biggest telescope opens one eye

Holden, Constance, 1997:
Bigness not always a plus, mollusks say

Fuentes, Lía.; Muñoz, E.M.; Aguilera Merlo, C.; Dominguez, S.; Scardapane, L.; Piezzi, Rón.S., 2004:
Bilateral enucleation and captivity influence the reproductive cycle of male Viscacha (Lagostomus maximus maximus)

Dhall, U.; Chhabra, S.; Dhall, J.C., 1993:
Bilateral asymmetry in bridges and superior articular facets of atlas vertebra

Badaev, S.A.; Drozdovskaya, L.N.; Rapoport, I.A., 1992:
Bilateral asymmetry of the number of chaetae in Drosophila under methotrexate treatment

Pagnanelli, D.M.; Barrer, S.J., 1992:
Bilateral carpal tunnel release at one operation: report of 228 patients

Riantawan, P.; Tansupasawasdikul, S.; Subhannachart, P., 1996:
Bilateral chylothorax complicating massive osteolysis (Gorham's syndrome)

Tsukamoto, S.; Ohira, M.; Okumura, H.; Narata, M.; Sezai, Y.; Ishii, K., 1995:
Bilateral common iliac artery aneurysms secondary to fibromuscular dysplasia accompanied with a coronary aneurysm

Garcia-Ruiz, N.; Zapico, A.; Valenzuela, P.; Ruiz, A.; Lobo, P., 1995:
Bilateral gonadoblastoma in a case of gonadal dysgenesis with 46 XY/45 XO karyotype. Laparoscopy-Gonadectomy

Amatsu, A.; Tamura, T.; Yoshida, M.; Tezuka, T., 1996:
Bilateral herpes zoster in a patient with a history of chickenpox vaccination: Differentiation between a clinical strain and a vaccine strain by polymerase chain reaction

Kotloff, R.M.; Tino, G.; Bavaria, J.E.; Palevsky, H.I.; Hansen-Flaschen, J.; Wahl, P.M.; Kaiser, L.R., 1996:
Bilateral lung volume reduction surgery for advanced emphysema. A comparison of median sternotomy and thoracoscopic approaches

Alonso Domínguez, F.J., 1996:
Bilateral pelvic ectopic kidney

Keane, J.R., 1994:
Bilateral seventh nerve palsy: analysis of 43 cases and review of the literature

Arakawa, K.; Tobimatsu, S.; Kira, J.; Kuwahara, Y.; Kobayashi, T., 1997:
Bilateral striate cortex contusion presenting with cerebral asthenopia rather than cortical blindness

Ruel, J.H.; Broussolle, E.; Gonnaud, P.M.; Jouvet, A.; Rousselle, C.; Chazot, G., 1992:
Bilateral thalamic gliomas: Clinico-pathologic study of 2 cases

Corthals, P.; Vinck, B.; D.V.l, E.; Van Cauwenberge, P., 1997:
Bilateral threshold frequency weighting in hearing disability predictions

Egan, C.A.; Davies, L.; Halmagyi, G.M., 1996:
Bilateral total deafness due to pontine haematoma

Parra-Muntaner, L.; Rivas-Escudero, J.-Antonio; Cisneros, S.-Gomez; Borrego-Hernando, J.; Garcia-Alonso, J., 1996:
Bilateral urinary obstruction secondary to encrusted cystitis: Report of a case

García-Moncó, J.C.; Fernández Cantón, G.; Gómez Beldarrain, M., 1996:
Bilateral vertebral artery dissection in a patient with afibrinogenemia

Taraska, J.W.; Almers, W., 2004:
Bilayers merge even when exocytosis is transient

Wolkoff, A.W.; Cohen, D.E., 2003:
Bile acid regulation of hepatic physiology: I. Hepatocyte transport of bile acids

Higuchi, H.; Gores, G.J., 2003:
Bile acid regulation of hepatic physiology: IV. Bile acids and death receptors

Chiang, J.Y.L., 2003:
Bile acid regulation of hepatic physiology: III. Bile acids and nuclear receptors

Fuchs, M., 2003:
Bile acid regulation of hepatic physiology: III. Regulation of bile acid synthesis: past progress and future challenges

Trauner, M.; Boyer, J.L., 2003:
Bile salt transporters: molecular characterization, function, and regulation

Li, W.; Scott, A.P.; Siefkes, M.J.; Yan, H.; Liu, Q.; Yun, S-Seon.; Gage, D.A., 2002:
Bile Acid secreted by male sea lamprey that acts as a sex pheromone

Werneburg, N.W.; Yoon,; Higuchi, H., 2003:
Bile acids activate EGF receptor via a TGF-a-dependent mechanism in human cholangiocyte cell lines

Lacaille, F., 1995:
Bile acids and their therapeutic use in children

Chang, K-Ok.; Sosnovtsev, S.V.; Belliot, Gël.; Kim, Y.; Saif, L.J.; Green, K.Y., 2004:
Bile acids are essential for porcine enteric calicivirus replication in association with down-regulation of signal transducer and activator of transcription 1

Zoltowska, M.; Delvin, E.E.; Paradis, K.; Seidman, E.; Levy, E., 1999:
Bile duct cells: a novel in vitro model for the study of lipid metabolism and bile acid production

Cai, S.Y.; Wang, L.; Ballatori, N.; Boyer, J.L., 2001:
Bile salt export pump is highly conserved during vertebrate evolution and its expression is inhibited by PFIC type II mutations

Meier, P.J.; Stieger, B., 2002:
Bile salt transporters

Kaur, B.S.; Ouatu-Lascar, R.; Omary, M.B.; Triadafilopoulos, G., 2000:
Bile salts induce or blunt cell proliferation in Barrett's esophagus in an acid-dependent fashion

Sodeman, T.; Bronk, S.F.; Roberts, P.J.; Miyoshi, H.; Gores, G.J., 2000:
Bile salts mediate hepatocyte apoptosis by increasing cell surface trafficking of Fas

Chignard, N.; Mergey, M.; Veissiere, D., 2003:
Bile salts potentiate adenylyl cyclase activity and cAMP-regulated secretion in human gallbladder epithelium

Liu, X.; LeCluyse, E.L.; Brouwer, K.R.; Gan, L.S.; Lemasters, J.J.; Stieger, B.; Meier, P.J.; Brouwer, K.L., 1999:
Biliary excretion in primary rat hepatocytes cultured in a collagen-sandwich configuration

Tocchi, A.; Liotta, G.; Lepre, L.; Costa, G.; Mazzoni, G.; Sita, A., 1995:
Biliary lithiasis during hepatic cirrhosis: Clinic-epidemiological and therapeutical remarks

Lasagna, B., 1995:
Biliary lithiasis: retrospective analysis of a case series

Bessmel'tsev, S.S.; Abdulkadyrov, K.M., 1992:
Biliary sonography in hemoblastosis patients

Gennuso, F.; Fernetti, C.; Tirolo, C.; Testa, N.; L'Episcopo, F.; Caniglia, S.; Morale, M.Concetta.; Ostrow, J.Donald.; Pascolo, L.; Tiribelli, C.; Marchetti, B., 2004:
Bilirubin protects astrocytes from its own toxicity by inducing up-regulation and translocation of multidrug resistance-associated protein 1 (Mrp1)

Baranano, D.E.; Rao, M.; Ferris, C.D.; Snyder, S.H., 2002:
Biliverdin reductase: a major physiologic cytoprotectant

Enserink, Martin, 2003:
Bill Gates Plans a Hit List, With NIH's Help

Kaiser, Jocelyn, 1996:
Bill blocks computer purchase

Kaiser, Jocelyn, 1998:
Bill offers abundant harvest for USDA

Wadman, M., 1998:
Bill tightens law against genetic discrimination by health insurers

Holden, Constance, 1997:
Bill to release Seaborg journal

Kemp, Martin, 1997:
Bill's bands

Baker, Michael, 2000:
Billion-dollar project kicks off new century

Chou, T.Y.Severine, 1994:
Bilophila wadsworthia isolated from clinical specimens of Taiwan

van Heemst, D.; Kafer, E.; John, T.; Heyting, C.; van Aalderen, M.; Zickler, D., 2001:
BimD/SPO76 is at the interface of cell cycle progression, chromosome morphogenesis, and recombination

Skorinkin, A.; Nistri, A.; Giniatullin, R., 2003:
Bimodal action of protons on ATP currents of rat PC12 cells

Tekos, A.; Stathopoulos, C.; Drainas, D., 1998:
Bimodal action of alkaline earth cations on Dictyostelium discoideum ribonuclease P activity

Nakahara, D.; Nakamura, M.; Iigo, M.; Okamura, H., 2003:
Bimodal circadian secretion of melatonin from the pineal gland in a living CBA mouse

Kuruma, A.; Hartzell, H.Criss, 2000:
Bimodal control of a Ca2+-activated Cl- channel by different Ca2+ signals

Kaz'min, A.M.; Ozerova, O.E.; Daikhina, L.V., 1993:
Bimodal long-latent evoked potentials in neonates of different gestation age in health and leukoencephalopathy

Smits, A.W.; Flanagin, J.I., 1994:
Bimodal respiration in aquatic and terrestrial apodan amphibians

Narins, P.M.; Hödl, W.; Grabul, D.S., 2003:
Bimodal signal requisite for agonistic behavior in a dart-poison frog, Epipedobates femoralis

Hellemans, Alexander, 1998:
Binaries answer riddle of brown dwarf origins

Miyauchi, M.; Nakanishi, Y.; Sagara, Y., 1996:
Binary adsorption equilibria of volatile humectant and water vapor for tobacco leaves

Margot, J.L.; Nolan, M.C.; Benner, L.A.M.; Ostro, S.J.; Jurgens, R.F.; Giorgini, J.D.; Slade, M.A.; Campbell, D.B., 2002:
Binary asteroids in the near-Earth object population

Fischle, W.; Wang, Y.; Allis, C.David, 2003:
Binary switches and modificatlon cassettes in histone biology and beyond

Li, Q.; Clegg, C.; Peterson, K., 1997:
Binary transgenic mouse model for studying the trans control of globin gene switching: evidence that GATA-1 is an in vivo repressor of human e gene expression

Metzger, J.; Schnitzbauer, A.; Meyer, M., 2003:
Binding Analysis of 1a- and 17a-Dihydrotestosterone Derivatives to Homodimeric Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin

Dai, Q.; Zajicek, J.; Castellino, F.J.; Prorok, M., 2003:
Binding and orientation of conantokins in PL vesicles and aligned PL multilayers

Vlassov, A.; Khvorova, A.; Yarus, M., 2001:
Binding and disruption of phospholipid bilayers by supramolecular RNA complexes

Dooley, C.T.; Spaeth, C.G.; Berzetei-Gurske, I.P.; Craymer, K.; Adapa, I.D.; Brandt, S.R.; Houghten, R.A.; Toll, L., 1997:
Binding and in vitro activities of peptides with high affinity for the nociceptin/orphanin FQ receptor, ORL1

Tyrrell, G.J.; Kennedy, A.; Shokoples, S.E.; Sherburne, R.K., 2002:
Binding and invasion of HeLa and MRC-5 cells by Streptococcus agalactiae

Brzovic, P.S.; Keeffe, J.R.; Nishikawa, H.; Miyamoto, K.; Fox, D.; Fukuda, M.; Ohta, T.; Klevit, R., 2003:
Binding and recognition in the assembly of an active BRCA1/BARD1 ubiquitin-ligase complex

Navati, M.S.; Samuni, U.; Aisen, P.; Friedman, J.M., 2002:
Binding and release of iron by gel-encapsulated human transferrin: evidence for a conformational search

Herbein, J.F.; Savov, J.; Wright, J.R., 2000:
Binding and uptake of surfactant protein D by freshly isolated rat alveolar type II cells

Amosova, E.N.; Fedorich, V.N.; Zamulko, A.A., 1992:
Binding capacity of immunoglobulins with amino acids in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Egorov, O.V.; Panchenko, L.P.; Skripal', I.G.; Malinovskaya, L.P.; Rait, A.S.; Ivanova, E.M.; Vlasov, V.V., 1992:
Binding efficiency of reactive oligodeoxyribonucleotides by the cells of different representatives of the class Mollicutes is determined by the age of the cultures

Dantley, K.A.; Dannelly, H.K.; Burdett, V., 1998:
Binding interaction between Tet(M) and the ribosome: requirements for binding

Cao, W., 1999:
Binding kinetics and footprinting of TaqI endonuclease: effects of metal cofactors on sequence-specific interactions

Mehrotra, B.; Myszka, D.G.; Prestwich, G.D., 2000:
Binding kinetics and ligand specificity for the interactions of the C2B domain of synaptogmin (i.e. synaptotagmin) II with inositol phosphates and phospholipids

Choi, S.D.h; Kim, M.S.n; Kim, S.K., 1997:
Binding mode of (ruthenium(II) (1,10-phenanthroline)2L)2+ with poly(dT*dA-dT) triplex. Ligand size effect on third-strand stabilization

Liu, Z.M.; Pang, S.F., 1992:
Binding of (125I)-labelled iodomelatonin in the duck thymus

Seravalli, J.; Shoemaker, R.K.; Sudbeck, M.J.; Ragsdale, S.W., 1999:
Binding of (6R,S)-methyltetrahydrofolate to methyltransferase from Clostridium thermoaceticum: role of protonation of methyltetrahydrofolate in the mechanism of methyl transfer

Kumagai, A.; Dunphy, W.G., 1999:
Binding of 14-3-3 proteins and nuclear export control the intracellular localization of the mitotic inducer Cdc25

Uchida, S.; Kuma, A.; Ohtsubo, M., 2004:
Binding of 14-3-3b but not 14-3-3s controls the cytoplasmic localization of CDC25B: binding site preferences of 14-3-3 subtypes and the subcellular localization of CDC25B

Petrounia, I.P.; Blotny, G.; Pollack, R.M., 2000:
Binding of 2-naphthols to D38E mutants of 3-oxo-D5-steroid isomerase: variation of ligand ionization state with the nature of the electrophilic component

Eriksson, S.; Kim, S.K.; Kubista, M.; Nordén, B., 1993:
Binding of 4',6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (DAPI) to AT regions of DNA: evidence for an allosteric conformational change

Cuesta Alonso, E.P.; Gilliland, S.E., 2003:
Binding of Bile Salts by Soluble Fibers and Its Effect on Deconjugation of Glycocholate by Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei

Svensson, B.; Jönsson, B.; Thulin, E.; Woodward, C.E., 1993:
Binding of Ca2+ to calmodulin and its tryptic fragments: theory and experiment

Zupán, Kóf.; Herényi, L.; Tóth, K.; Majer, Z.; Csík, G., 2004:
Binding of cationic porphyrin to isolated and encapsidated viral DNA analyzed by comprehensive spectroscopic methods

Calderone, D.M.; Mantilla, E.J.; Hicks, M., 1995:
Binding of Co(III) to a DNA oligomer via reaction of (Co(NH3)5(OH2))3+ with (5medC-dG)4

Jansen, K.; Lincoln, P.; Nordén, B., 1993:
Binding of DAPI analogue 2,5-bis(4-amidinophenyl)furan to DNA

Stein, E.; Zou, Y.; Poo, M.; Tessier-Lavigne, M., 2001:
Binding of DCC by netrin-1 to mediate axon guidance independent of adenosine A2B receptor activation

Wu, F.; Levchenko, I.; Filutowicz, M., 1994:
Binding of DnaA protein to a replication enhancer counteracts the inhibition of plasmid R6K c origin replication mediated by elevated levels of R6K p protein

Tieng, V.; L.B.uguénec, C.; du Merle, L.; Bertheau, P.; Desreumaux, P.; Janin, A.; Charron, D.; Toubert, A., 2002:
Binding of Escherichia coli adhesin AfaE to CD55 triggers cell-surface expression of the MHC class I-related molecule MICA

Kahana, H.; Grunberg, J.; Bartov, Y.; Perry, R.; Smorodinsky, N.; Boldur, I.; Weiss, E.; Goldhar, J., 1994:
Binding of Escherichia coli recognizing N-blood group antigen to the erythroleukemic cell line K562 expressing glycophorin A

Ho, A.; Sudhof, T.C., 2004:
Binding of F-spondin to amyloid-b precursor protein: A candidate amyloid-b precursor protein ligand that modulates amyloid-b precursor protein cleavage

Zhu, Y.; Doray, B.; Poussu, A.; Lehto, V.P.; Kornfeld, S., 2001:
Binding of GGA2 to the lysosomal enzyme sorting motif of the mannose 6-phosphate receptor

Rubinfeld, B.; Albert, I.; Porfiri, E., 1996:
Binding of GSK3b to the APC-b-catenin complex and regulation of complex assembly

Hu, J.; Jia, X.; Li, Q.; Yang, X.; Wang, K., 2004:
Binding of La3+ to calmodulin and its effects on the interaction between calmodulin and calmodulin binding peptide, polistes mastoparan

Das, T.K.; Wilson, E.K.; Cutruzzolà, F.; Brunori, M.; Rousseau, D.L., 2001:
Binding of NO and CO to the d(1) Heme of cd(1) nitrite reductase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Timofeev, E.N.; Kochetkova, S.V.; Florentiev, V.L., 2004:
Binding of Nonnatural a,b-Oligocytidylates with DNA Duplexes

Fax, P.; Carlson, C.R.; Collas, P., 2001:
Binding of PKA-RIIa to the adenovirus E1A12S oncoprotein correlates with its nuclear translocation and an increase in PKA-dependent promoter activity

Xia, X.; Lin, J-Tso.; Kinne, R.K.H., 2003:
Binding of phlorizin to the isolated C-terminal extramembranous loop of the Na+/glucose cotransporter assessed by intrinsic tryptophan fluorescence

Cambronne, E.D.; Sorg, J.A.; Schneewind, O., 2004:
Binding of SycH chaperone to YscM1 and YscM2 activates effector yop expression in Yersinia enterocolitica

Kuras, L.; Struhl, K., 1999:
Binding of TBP to promoters in vivo is stimulated by activators and requires Pol II holoenzyme

Razeghifard, M.Reza.; Wydrzynski, T., 2003:
Binding of Zn-chlorin to a synthetic four-helix bundle peptide through histidine ligation

Kappler, J.; White, J.; Kozono, H., 1994:
Binding of a soluble ab T-cell receptor to superantigen/major histocompatibility complex ligands

Atkinson, R.Andrew; Joseph, C.; Dal Piaz, F., 2000:
Binding of a-actinin to titin: implications for Z-disk assembly

Bailey, S.A.; Graves, D.E.; Rill, R., 1994:
Binding of actinomycin D to the T(G)nT motif of double-stranded DNA: determination of the guanine requirement in nonclassical, non-GpC binding sites

Miles, B.A.; Lafuse, W.P.; Zwilling, B.S., 1996:
Binding of alpha-adrenergic receptors stimulates the anti-mycobacterial activity of murine peritoneal macrophages

Bagnato, P.; Barone, V.; Giacomello, E.; Rossi, D.; Sorrentino, V., 2003:
Binding of an ankyrin-1 isoform to obscurin suggests a molecular link between the sarcoplasmic reticulum and myofibrils in striated muscles

Balasubramanian, K.; Bevers, E.M.; Willems, G.M.; Schroit, A.J., 2001:
Binding of annexin V to membrane products of lipid peroxidation

Wieprecht, T.; Beyermann, M.; Seelig, J., 1999:
Binding of antibacterial magainin peptides to electrically neutral membranes: thermodynamics and structure

Yaar, M.; Zhai, S.; Pilch, P.F.; Doyle, S.M.; Eisenhauer, P.B.; Fine, R.E.; Gilchrest, B.A., 1997:
Binding of beta-amyloid to the p75 neurotrophin receptor induces apoptosis. A possible mechanism for Alzheimer's disease

Endrizzi, J.A.; Beernink, P.T.; Alber, T.; Schachman, H.K., 2000:
Binding of bisubstrate analog promotes large structural changes in the unregulated catalytic trimer of aspartate transcarbamoylase: implications for allosteric regulation

Frank, S.R.; Schroeder, M.; Fernandez, P.; Taubert, S.; Amati, B., 2001:
Binding of c-Myc to chromatin mediates mitogen-induced acetylation of histone H4 and gene activation

Colpitts, T.L.; Prorok, M.; Castellino, F.J., 1995:
Binding of calcium to individual c-carboxyglutamic acid residues of human protein C

Li, M.X.; Spyracopoulos, L.; Sykes, B.D., 1999:
Binding of cardiac troponin-I147-163 induces a structural opening in human cardiac troponin-C

Padmanabhan, S.; Zhang, W.; Capp, M.W., 1997:
Binding of cationic (+4) alanine- and glycine-containing oligopeptides to double-stranded DNA: thermodynamic analysis of effects of coulombic interactions and a-helix induction

Kuzin, A.P.; Liu, H.; Kelly, J.A., 1995:
Binding of cephalothin and cefotaxime to D-Ala- D-Ala-peptidase reveals a functional basis of a natural mutation in a low-affinity penicillin-binding protein and in extended-spectrum b-lactamases

Weinreich, M.; Liang, C.; Chen, H.H.; Stillman, B., 2001:
Binding of cyclin-dependent kinases to ORC and Cdc6p regulates the chromosome replication cycle

Lah, J.; Vesnaver, G., 2000:
Binding of distamycin A and netropsin to the 12mer DNA duplexes containing mixed AT GC sequences with at most five or three successive AT base pairs

Van Dyck, E.; Stasiak, A.Z.; Stasiak, A.; West, S.C., 1999:
Binding of double-strand breaks in DNA by human Rad52 protein

Wolfrum, C.; Börchers, T.; Sacchettini, J.C.; Spener, F., 2000:
Binding of fatty acids and peroxisome proliferators to orthologous fatty acid binding proteins from human, murine, and bovine liver

Sprencel, C.; Cao, Z.; Qi, Z.; Scott, D.C.; Montague, M.A.; Ivanoff, N.; Xu, J.; Raymond, K.M.; Newton, S.M.; Klebba, P.E., 2000:
Binding of ferric enterobactin by the Escherichia coli periplasmic protein FepB

Demehin, A.A.drew; Abugo, O.O.; Jayakumar, R., 2002:
Binding of hemoglobin to red cell membranes with eosin-5-maleimide-labeled band 3: analysis of centrifugation and fluorescence lifetime data

Chen, C.D.gui; Kobayashi, R.; Helfman, D.M., 1999:
Binding of hnRNP H to an exonic splicing silencer is involved in the regulation of alternative splicing of the rat b-tropomyosin gene

Kvam, A.-Irene; Iversen, O.-Jan; Bevanger, L., 1992:
Binding of human IgA to hydrochloric acid-extracted c protein from group B streptococci (GBS)

Strittmatter, W.J.; Weisgraber, K.H.; Huang, D.Y., 1993:
Binding of human apolipoprotein E to synthetic amyloid b peptide: isoform-specific effects and implications for late-onset Alzheimer disease

Kuhns, W.J.; Ho, M.; Burger, M.M.; Turley, E., 1997:
Binding of hyaluronic acid to cellular receptors of the marine sponge Microciona prolifera

Hatada, E.; Fukuda, R., 1992:
Binding of influenza A virus NS1 protein to dsRNA in vitro

Wu, W.; Air, G.M., 2004:
Binding of influenza viruses to sialic acids: reassortant viruses with A/NWS/33 hemagglutinin bind to a2,8-linked sialic acid

Geerts, D.; Fontao, L.; Nievers, M.G., 1999:
Binding of integrin a6b4 to plectin prevents plectin association with F-actin but does not interfere with intermediate filament binding

Lei, S.; Okita, D.K.; Conti Fine, B.M., 1995:
Binding of monoclonal antibodies against the carboxyl terminal segment of the nicotinic receptor d subunit suggests an unusual transmembrane disposition of this sequence region

Song, X.; Sui, A.; Garen, A., 2004:
Binding of mouse VL30 retrotransposon RNA to PSF protein induces genes repressed by PSF: effects on steroidogenesis and oncogenesis

Traub, P.; Mothes, E.; Shoeman, R.L.; Schröder, R.; Scherbarth, A., 1992:
Binding of nucleic acids to intermediate filaments of the vimentin type and their effects on filament formation and stability

Chen, H.; Phillips, R.S., 1993:
Binding of phenol and analogues to alanine complexes of tyrosine phenol-lyase from Citrobacter freudii: implications for the mechanisms of a,b-elimination and alanine racemization

Stieglitz, K.A.; Seaton, B.A.; Roberts, M.F., 2001:
Binding of proteolytically processed phospholipase D from Streptomyces chromofuscus to phosphatidylcholine membranes facilitates vesicle aggregation and fusion

Andrews, R.K.; Harris, S.J.; Mcnally, T., 1998:
Binding of purified 14-3-3 z signaling protein to discrete amino acid sequences within the cytoplasmic domain of the platelet membrane glycoprotein Ib-IX-V complex

Chin,; Aiken, George R.; Danielsen, Karlin M., 1997:
Binding of pyrene to aquatic and commercial humic substances: the role of molecular weight and aromaticity

Kery, V.; Poneleit, L.; Meyer, J.D., 1999:
Binding of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate to the heme protein human cystathionine b-synthase

Tsukamoto, K.; Itakura, H.; Sato, K.; Fukuyama, K.; Miura, S.; Takahashi, S.; Ikezawa, H.; Hosoya, T., 1999:
Binding of salicylhydroxamic acid and several aromatic donor molecules to Arthromyces ramosus peroxidase, investigated by X-ray crystallography, optical difference spectroscopy, NMR relaxation, molecular dynamics, and kinetics

Turk, B.E.; Jiang, H.; Liu, J.O., 1996:
Binding of thalidomide to a1-acid glycoprotein may be involved in its inhibition of tumor necrosis factor a production

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